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   Chapter 387 The H King Group (Part One)

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In the evening, Joe felt very delighted to sit in the dining room and eat the noodles Cherry had cooked for him.

"Mommy, it's so yummy! You're the best cook in the world, " cheerfully said Joe while munching on his food.

"There's no need to hurry, boy. No one's going to take your food away, and there's also still some more left in the kitchen, " gently said Cherry as she gazed at Joe with all the love and tenderness that she could reflect in her eyes to him.

"Okay, " replied Joe.

After dinner, Cherry and Joe relaxed on the sofa and chatted with each other.

"Mommy, do you have any plans about what we're going to do next?" suddenly asked Joe as he seriously looked at Cherry.

Cherry pondered his question for a moment, and replied, "Joe, what I'm thinking is that tomorrow we should go to your Uncle's home and visit your grandparents. Next week I'll start looking for a job, and you'll go to school as usual. We'll live in this house, and I'll drive you to school and back every day. How does that sound?"

"But Mommy, you'll get very tired if you do so many things every day. You'll not only have to work, but you'll also have to take care of me, " said Joe a little upset. It seemed like they were living abroad again, because his Mommy will be busy working all day long again to make ends meet. What time she would have left after that, she would have to dedicate it to Joe.

Cherry gave off a little smile, and while she gently stroked her son's hair, said, "It's alright, Joe; Mommy's already used to this sort of thing."

As he looked into Cherry's eyes, Joe asked, "Mommy, did Daddy really leave us? Is it true that the three of us can't live together anymore?"

Cherry calmly answered him, "No, it's not true. Your Daddy would never leave us."

Along with the strong encouragement that everything will be alright, Cherry also had a strong will. Even if Jackson wanted to leave her, she would never let him go, and would stay with him no matter what happened. She had already decid

i, Cherry, we're so glad that you and Joe are here! Wilson just told me this morning that you were coming over, and Elsa and I couldn't wait to see you sooner. That's why we've been waiting for you at the gates, " said Jacob, smiling.

After she heard this, Cherry turned to Wilson and also beamed at him. Acting as if she was somehow blaming him, Cherry said, "Wilson, didn't I tell you that we were coming after breakfast? How could you make Jacob and mom wait for us at the gates for so much time?"

"They insisted on waiting for you there, there was nothing that I could do, " reluctantly said Wilson. He could tell that Cherry was just pretending to put the blame on him, because he was very familiar with the way that she talked and had her way. He was actually very happy to see that Cherry was arguing with him like a real sister would.

Cherry let out a little smile and said nothing more.

Elsa quickly reminded them, "Come on, now that Cherry and Joe have arrived, why are we still standing outside? Let's go in!"

"Come on, Uncle Wilson, you're going to play games with me later as you promised me you would, " said Joe in a little imperious manner.

Wilson smiled to Joe, and said, "Little boy, playing games is the only thing that's on your mind, isn't it? Let me ask you, have you been studying hard at school lately?"

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