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   Chapter 386 The Conversation Among The Three People (Part Two)

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Mond found a hint of hatred sparkling inside Derek's eyes, and it was obvious that Derek loathed him and that his words were clearly directed against him. He thought that it would now be even more difficult for him to deal with Jackson, because now he had no kinds of limitations imposed on him. He could do whatever he wanted to and no one could stop him. After the unfortunate event that regarded his Grandpa calmed down, Jackson would master the power, and then...

Mond didn't even dare to think what was going to happen next. His previous thoughts had been too simple. He had deemed that Jackson would still consider his identity as a solider when his Grandpa passed away, but now what Derek said had made Mond's mind a complete mess. The situation seemed to have become a lot more complex than it was.

When Derek noticed that Mond had been stunned by his words, a smile curved up on his lips. He asked, "What's wrong? Is the sudden news so frightening?"

Jackson was listening to their conversation and imagined Mond's expression in his mind, even though he didn't look at his face. He hadn't intended to tell that to Mond, but he could understand Derek's reason. He was resisting Mond, and he wanted him know that he wasn't easy to deal with.

Mond suddenly looked surprised, and he sifted his eyes from Derek to Jackson. "So, our competition will be even fiercer. Now that you two have dedicated yourselves to your own lives, I will also devote more attention to playing with you two, " said Mond.

"Mond, I'm really curious to see what the result will be when you devote more of your attention to us, " said Jackson immediately in a cold and stern tone.

But Mond didn'

still be so safe anymore."

"No!" said Mond, as he stood up to resist him.

"He already knows too much, and I can't let such a ticking time bomb roam around free. He's out of my control!" continued Mond. He couldn't feel at peace when he knew that the butler was wandering outside free.

"I know what you're worried about, but, " said Derek, "If you dispose of the butler, then Jackson won't let you go. You know that better than I do."

Gazing at Derek, Mond didn't speak a word, and thought that maybe he should ponder Derek's warning.

"You've annoyed him enough already, and if you don't want him to do some very cruel things to you, then you'd better stop interfering in our things. He's capable of murdering you, " continued Derek, when he saw that Mond wasn't replying to him.

After that, Derek turned around and left.

When he saw Derek walking away, Mond started to feel a bit scared. Jackson was just like rabid wolf that he had irritated. He had no idea of what would happen next.

But Mond believed firmly in one thing, that his competition with Jackson would now be much more fiercer than ever.

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