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   Chapter 385 The Conversation Among The Three People (Part One)

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When he saw that Rosa was being led away by Sally, Mond turned his focus onto Jackson and then sat opposite to him.

"Well, how come you have time to play here?" teased Mond, with his eyes fixed on Jackson.

"Aren't you playing here too?" asked Jackson in reply, even though he didn't feel like answering him.

Mond suddenly burst into laughter when he heard him, and said, "Haha! The Mr. Jackson that I heard of from the others should've been a cautious toff, not at all like this. How come you're out on the tiles?"

Mond paused for a moment, and then continued to ask, "Are you in a bad mood?"

When Jackson heard Mond's words, he suddenly recalled of his Grandpa's accident. Jackson firmly believed that it had to be related to Mond, and if he guessed right, then his Grandpa had died because his heart couldn't bear the pain of seeing Mond again.

"It's not beeen long since my Grandpa passed away; do you think that I could feel in the best of spirits?" replied Jackson with his eyes fixed on Mond, eager to see his reaction to the question.

Mond's face instantly changed the moment he heard about Jackson's words. That accident had already turned into a nightmare for him these days. He nearly dreamed himself standing in front of the Chu Family's house every night. If he had had a better attitude, and hadn't rushed to that place so?impulsively, maybe Jackson's Grandfather would have still been...

When he noticed that Mond's face had started to turn pale, Jackson could tell that he actually cared about that accident too.

Jackson and Mond then just stared at each other in silence.

Some time later, Mond broke the silence. "I apologize

to a place like that? Had Cherry allowed him to have fun there?

Derek shook his head, and said, "Do you think that the two of us have much free time?"

He paused for a moment, and then continued, "We came here only to celebrate our retirement. We are no longer soldiers from now on."

Mond was flabbergasted when he heard Derek's words. 'What's that? Did Jackson leave the army?' he thought.

Mond then averted his sight to Jackson, but Jackson didn't want to see him, and instead looked sideways.

Mond then focused back on Derek, and asked, "Did both of you leave the army?"

"Is it really so surprising for you to hear that?" replied Derek, without giving him a direct answer.

After he heard Derek's inquiry, Mond immediately adjusted his emotions, and said, "No, I was just asking..."

But Derek's following words bewildered Mond even more.

"There are some limitations to what a soldier can do and not do, but an ordinary civilian is much freer to do everything he wants. Even if he wants to do business, he won't be breaking the law, right?" slowly said Derek while he stared at Mond.

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