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   Chapter 383 Brawl At The Bar (Part One)

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Derek was driving that afternoon, with Jackson sitting in the back of the car.

"Can you believe it Jackson?! We're finally released!" Derek's tone was light and he smiled as he spoke, peering in the rear view mirror at Jackson.

Jackson had a serene expression as he looked out the window, "Well, it's all a little weird, still, I am not used to the idea of not being part of the army."

Derek nodded, "True, we were in the military for so many years. It'd be a lie to say we didn't miss the good old days."

Jackson went quiet, furrowing his brow. He knew leaving the army didn't mean he would live a life of leisure. On the contrary, he had some enormous tasks ahead of him.

Derek glanced at Jackson in the rear view again and asked, "Jackson, how about hitting a bar for a drink or two? We could relax, unwind a bit and have some fun! It's too early to head home, and go to bed. You know there's nothing to do at home and you'll be bored there."

Jackson listened to Derek's suggestion, and nodded in agreement. He was depressed spending his time thinking about Cherry all the time, her soft touch, and her scent, 'A drink or two at the bar might be just what I need, ' he decided.

"Okay. Let's go, " he tried to sound delighted.

When they got to the bar, Jackson sat in a corner, giving up the option to request a private room.

It was afternoon still, so the bar wasn't as crowded as night time, which also meant it wasn't as noisy. Jackson and Derek were relaxing as they drank and chatted on and off.

Movement out the corner caught Derek's attention, and looki

erek from time to time, who was chatting with his friend still.

"Mr. Jackson, are you here alone?" asked Rosa, as she was leaned closer to Jackson.

"No, I came with a friend. He went to say hello to some old friends, and will be back soon." Jackson was looking in front of him and not Rosa; then he noticed she was trying to close the distance between them.

"Oh? Good!" Rosa's voice remained delighted, "Joe's mother didn't come with you then?"

Her probing surprised Jackson. He turned, and stared at Rosa when she finished speaking.

"What? Why do you want to know that?" asked Jackson instead of answering. He had a slight hint of disgust in his eyes as he watched her.

Jackson's vicious expression frightened Rosa, and she quickly told him, "I meant no offense. It was just small talk."

Jackson looked away, turning his attention to the band on stage, he said in a cold voice, "Madam, would you mind leaving, now?"

Jackson thought she was disgusting. What a slut! How could she feel so confident that she gossip about Cherry to him?

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