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   Chapter 379 The Last Supper (Part One)

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Instead of answering Derek's questions, Jackson went on, "Keep this between us for the time being, and help me prepare the paperwork needed for discharge from the army, please?"

After listening to Jackson, Derek thought for a second and said, "Okay, I'll prepare the paperwork for both of us. I'll put in a request for discharge from the army too."

Jackson's head shot up and he looked at Derek, and as he looked into Derek's eyes, he understood what Derek was thinking.

That afternoon, Lucia went to pray at Andrew's memorial before she left for home. She saw Jackson standing off to the side as she was leaving and approached him.

"Has everything at home been handled?" Lucia asked him casually. She knew the Chu Family had been busy receiving visitors offering their condolences lately, which would certainly make life chaotic.

"Yeah, everything is settled, " said Jackson, not looking up at Lucia.

"That's good. Please let me know if you need any help. Grandpa was always good to me and I would like to help, out of respect for him now, " said Lucia as she teared up again when she looked to where Andrew's memorial was.

"You need to promise you won't make any trouble at the funeral. If you dare lay a hand on Cherry again, I'll never let you off the hook!" Jackson promised slowly.

Lucia was taken aback at what Jackson said. She couldn't see Jackson's face clearly from the side, but she knew he was serious from the tone in his voice, calm but forceful as though he were giving an order. The faint emotion behind the calm made her fear him at that moment. Jackson di

d Lily, "Lily, take Joe to the dining room for dinner. I'll go ask Mr. Jackson to join me for dinner."

Cherry looked down at her son and said softly, "Joe, go have dinner with Lily. I'm going to see how Daddy is doing and try and get him to have something to eat."

"Okay, I will, " Joe responded sensibly.

Lily escorted Joe to the dining room, while Cherry walked up the stairs.

Cherry gently pushed the door to the study open, and saw Jackson sitting inside, so she went into the room.

Cherry stood next to Jackson looking down at the side of his face, noticing the toll the past few days had taken on him. There was an obvious weight loss. She knew he either stayed in Grandpa's room or in the study every day, and hadn't gone down stairs, talked to anyone or had anything to eat. She felt his pain seeing him hurting and grieving like this.

Cherry spoke softly, "Jackson."

Jackson didn't respond. He knew it was her, the minute Cherry entered the study. He didn't want to talk to her. He just wanted quiet, and to have peace for a while.

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