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   Chapter 377 Chaos In The Living Room (Part One)

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It was already 3 o'clock in the morning, but the light was still on in the living room. Jackson took a look at the woman leaning on his arms. It was Cherry, his wife, he felt a little upset by what he saw. His wife looked so tired and sleepy kneeling on the ground. Cherry could barely keep her eyes open. She kept dozing off, that if it were not for Jackson's support, she would probably be on the floor now. Jackson still cared for her. He adjusted his position and faced her, holding her into his arms so that she would be a little bit comfortable.

Suddenly, Jackson heard the sound of someone's feet going down the stairs. He turned his head and looked up and saw his son Joe walking down the staircase with his hands holding a blanket.

Joe walked towards his parents and stopped in front of his Daddy. When he took a look at his Mommy sleeping in his Daddy's arms, he felt sad.

"Why are you here?" asked Jackson, in a low voice so as not to disturb Cherry from her sleep.

"Daddy, " said Joe, "I am afraid that you and Mommy will be cold, so I brought you my blanket."

He then handed over his blanket to Jackson.

"Thank you, son. Now be a good boy and go back upstairs and sleep." said Jackson, in a whisper.

Joe knew that his father was not in good mood so and he didn't try to argue with his orders. The boy nodded his head in obediently.

Joe took another look at his sleeping Mommy and asked Jackson, "Daddy, how about Mommy?"

"She has me here. You just go back to sleep." said Jackson. He felt tired physically and his emotion exhausted from the grief of losing Andrew. What made matters more complicated was his feeling towards Cheery and Joe, who were always able to touch his heart.

"Okay, " said Joe, looking straight at him. He was confident that his Daddy would look after his Mommy, so, he slowly went back upstairs to his room.

Seeing Joe climbing up the stairs, Jackson lowered his head and took a look at Cherry's face. He felt ache in his heart and he knew this pain was not something that medicines can numb or heal. He took a deep breath and thought, 'How do I face my wife? Where do I start?'

Early next morning, Ch

arry into the Chu family! You have brought nothing but misfortune! Wherever you go, disaster happens! You have ruined Shen family, you have destroyed John's marriage and now you even killed Grandpa! I will never forgive you!"

Without any hesitation, Lucia rushed forward and grabbed Cherry by the hair and then proceeded to slap her once more.

Joe was so angry to see his mother being hit by Lucia that he moved forward to pull Lucia away from his mother. He kept shouting, "Don't touch my Mommy!"

But Joe was too small. His strength was nothing compared to Lucia. After seeing that he was not making any difference. Joe cried because he was helpless. He could do nothing to defend her mother against Lucia's merciless attacks. Cherry on the other hand, made no effort to defend herself. She accepted all of Lucia's blow. Joe ran towards his dad and begged him, "Daddy please come and save Mommy! Hurry up! Please...."

Jackson who was sitting, was unperturbed by the event unfolding before him. He didn't rise himself even when he heard Joe's imploring voice. He kept still with his head bowed as if he were in another place.

John looked at Jackson, surprised. He wondered why his uncle was so indifferent to Cherry being hit. 'He used to protect Cherry well. Why didn't he stop this?'John thought.

When he saw that Jackson wasn't moving, John hurriedly moved forward and pulled away Lucia from Cherry and said, "Mom, stop it!"

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