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   Chapter 375 Here Came The Grievous News (Part One)

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Derek and Selina rushed to the emergency room. There they saw Jackson and Cherry standing in front of the door. Derek realized that the situation was far worse than he had imagined.

Selina walked towards Cherry and held her hand, trying to console her, asking, "Cherry, how is he?"

Selina was troubled when she saw tears started to flow from Cherry's eyes. Cherry looked so overwhelmed. The Cherry she knew was a capable and confident woman. This woman in front of her was the exact opposite. She looked like a person ready to give in, she was in a distraught state. Selina had a hard time looking at her friend. Her heart ached for her, and she didn't know what to say to comfort her. Selina gave Cherry a sisterly hug, it was all that she can do for her.

Cherry didn't answer Selina's question, instead, she turned to Jackson who was standing beside her. She shook her head in defeat.

Selina looked at Jackson hoping for a clearer answer. Selina couldn't tell anything from Jackson's expression, he looked very calm, as if nothing urgent had happened.

Selina knew that Cherry was too emotional to talk at the moment, so she just kept hugging her and slightly patted Cherry's back to help her calm down. "I went to your office for some businesses but I found out that you were out. I tried calling your number but kept getting your voicemail. Therefore, Derek and I have decided to visit your home hoping to see you there, " she added. "Lily told us what had happened. That is why we are now, here. So how is Andrew?" Selina asked once more hoping to get an answer.

"Selina, " Cherry suddenly cried, "Grandpa will be all right, won't he? Tell me, he will be fine." Cherry implored.

"Cherry." Hearing Cherry's aching voice, Selina sensed the fear and worry in her tune. She bet that Cherry was having a hard time.

Selina let out a deep breath and


Derek seeing what Jackson has done immediately grabbed Jackson's arms, and tried to let the doctor loose from his grip. Jackson's grief had briefly turned him into an unreasonable and violent man. Derek reminded his friend that he needed to calm down, he said, "Jackson, calm down, calm down. There is no point in blaming anyone."

Jackson blankly stared at the doctor and sat down on the floor once more. He felt broken.

Jackson, feeling empty and lifeless sat there on the floor for quite some time. He didn't have the energy nor motivation to move and get up.

A doctor approached Derek, not wanting to disturbed Jackson, lest he might become violent once more. He was also aware of how influential he was and wanted to avoid offending him. The doctor discreetly asked Derek if Jackson could be persuaded to move out of the emergency room since patients and hospital personnel need to use the emergency area. Jackson has now become an obstruction. Derek nodded, fully aware what the doctor was trying to say. Derek then gave him an order. "Please tell the president of the hospital to leave the emergency room to us for ten days. Direct the other emergency patients to another room, create another emergency rooms if necessary."

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