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   Chapter 374 In Front Of The Emergency Room

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Jackson was looking at the ground, silently, with a look of concern, as he leaned against the wall out in front of the emergency room.

Jackson heard Cherry's footsteps as she rushed up to him, but he didn't look up or greet her.

Cherry rushed to the emergency room door. She peered through the window, but wasn't able to see anything, so, she approached Jackson.

She stood in front of Jackson, grabbed him by the hand and said, "Jackson, listen to me, it isn't what you think. Honestly, I didn't know why Mond came over. Really, I didn't know!"

Jackson didn't look up, nor say a word, instead, he yanked his hand from Cherry's grip.

Cherry stood there stunned at Jackson's reaction. She leaned forward, trying to make eye contact with Jackson, "Jackson, trust me! You have to believe me!"

Jackson finally had enough of listening to Cherry, and looked up at her yelling, "How? Tell me, Cherry, how can I trust you? I saw you standing there with Mond, you were inside, and he was outside. How on earth can I possibly trust you?"

"No, no, " tears were streaming down Cherry's face as she shook her head, "It isn't what you think! That's not how it was."

Cherry was already feeling fragile, and seeing the desperation in Jackson's eyes, she had no desire to bother trying to explain anymore. The anger and hatred in his eyes told her louder than any words could how he felt, and that he might never trust her again.

Meanwhile, Mond came strolling up to the entranceway towards the two of them.

Jackson and Cherry knew Mond was there, even though neither of them looked at him. Jackson gave Cherry a look of raw anger, while Cherry stared into Jackson's eyes, with tears running down her face.

"Cherry, " said Jackson calmly through gritted teeth. From his tone and the look in his eyes she knew, he could lose his temper at any moment.

Cherry didn't say a word; she just stared at Jackson.

"There isn't a place on earth you will be able to hide, and I won't let you get away, if Grandpa doesn't recover, " Jackson threatened, annunciating each word so slowly and with such bitterness, that his threat echoed, ringing in Cherry's head.

Before giving his threat, Jackson had struggled. He pondered his feelings, 'Grandpa is my blood relative, but I love this woman more than anyone in the world. I don't want to hurt her, I don't want to abandon her. I used to be able to face any difficulty and endure any hardship. Everything I do is to keep her by me, because she is my woman. But now, now Grandpa is in the emergency room. He has done nothing but love and protect me my entire life. I cannot abandon him and I will not accept it if he isn't okay. He is like a Buddha statue in my heart and always supports me. If not for him, I simply couldn't continue. He's been so much a part of my life since I was a child. I won't give up on him. I will protect him! He's my Grandfather.'

Cherry's eye were like large

powerful!? Aren't you the man able to alter others' destiny? Then get up! Stop laying in that bed in there! Why are you lying in bed? Everyone always looks up to you. Keep controlling things with your power and money. Why are you lying in bed? Why?"

Mond finally screamed, his emotions pouring out. He was worried about Andrew. He never thought he would be so worried. He should hate him, but as he stared at the emergency room door, he recalled how Andrew looked when he saw him in the Chu Family's doorway. He was not as strong as Mond had remembered. He was not the person he had been all those years ago. His hair was white, and his face aged and full of wrinkles. He had age spots on his face, and wasn't as strong as he once was.

Mond took off out of the parking lot, and drove away very fast.

Back at the villa, Jean and Sally waited for Mond in the living room. When Mond came back, he was angry. Sally and Jean looked at each other and wondered what happened.

Mond ignored the ladies and headed up the stairs. Sally followed him, calling after him, "Mond, what happened?"

Mond didn't reply and kept going.

Sally grabbed his arm as she got nearer, "What happened exactly?"

Mond stopped, all his aggression was gone, and he stared off at the stairs in front of him, then sighed and bowed his head, "Something happened to Andrew."

"What? What happened?" Sally asked. Seeing him, and hearing his tone, Sally had a bad feeling. Mond wouldn't look like this if it was not a big deal.

Jean was listening to the exchange. Mond's tone had her worried too. Was the situation very serious?

"Andrew may..." Mond's words trailed off. He pushed Sally aside and went upstairs without finishing.

Sally stood still, astonished. Even if Mond hadn't finished what he was saying, she could guess the result.

Mond burst into tears as he walked up the stairs. He knew what had caused the problem. He was sure he knew what irritated Andrew.

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