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   Chapter 373 At The Chu Family's Door (Part Two)

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Mond watched Andrew lying on the ground in front of him and decided not to help him. He asked himself, 'He fell down in front of me; does that mean that I've at last defeated him? Or is he just apologizing to me for all of the things that he did in the past?'

At that moment, Cherry had also come downstairs. She saw Andrew lying on the ground at the door, and then glanced at Mond, who was quietly standing beside Andrew with his eyes focused on him.

Cherry was immediately shocked at the sight of that scene. She then quickly ran to Andrew and loudly shouted, "Grandpa! Grandpa!"

She squatted down beside Andrew and shook his shoulders with her hands, but no matter how hard she tried to wake him up, he still couldn't snap out of it.

Cherry was more anxious than a cat on hot bricks. She then looked up at Mond, and shouted, "What have you done?"

She then looked again at Andrew and tried again to wake him up.

"I've done nothing to him. Actually, I haven't even stepped inside your house, " calmly replied Mond. It was true that he hadn't entered the Chu Family's home, because he was still standing at the door.

At that same time, Jackson had already returned to the residential compound and had gotten out of his car. Before he arrived at the house, he caught sight of Mond standing in the door from a distance, and as he walked even closer, he also saw that Andrew was lying on the ground, and Cherry trying to hold him up.

He then immediately started to quicken his pace and rushed to them.

When he arrived at the door, he furiously pushed Mond aside, and squatted down beside Andrew. He then pulled him into his arms, shaking Cherry's hands away.

"Grandpa! Grandpa

ttention to Mond's sad face and instead continued to run in Jackson's direction.

As Mond watched her running away, a tear slowly started to trickle down on his cheek. He had thought that he would feel happy when Andrew was in danger, but instead only felt grieved.

He said in his heart, 'After all, you're the most important person in this world for me, Grandpa!'

Cherry was driving her car with one hand on the wheel and used her phone to call the hospital with the other. She closely followed Jackson's car which was driving at full speed, and because Jackson's rudeness towards her earlier had already terrified her, she was afraid that he would blame her even more severely afterwards. She wondered, 'What will I do if Jackson doesn't forgive me?'

She prayed in her heart that Andrew would be fine, and thought, 'Dear God, please bless Grandpa! If Grandpa is fine, Jackson won't be angry with me and won't blame me anymore for what happened. I can't leave him! I can't live without him! If he agrees to forgive me and doesn't ask me to leave him, I'll always stay at home from now on and take good care of Grandpa!'

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