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   Chapter 372 At The Chu Family's Door (Part One)

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Jackson left the residential compound and was driving his car on the road when he suddenly thought of something and wanted to call Derek.

He drove with one hand on the wheel while with the other searched in his pocket for his phone, but after he fumbled for a while, he still couldn't find it.

He thought for a while where it could be and realized that he had left it back at home. He had put it on the desk in his bedroom before going to bed last night, and it was still there, because he had forgotten to take it with him before he left.

He glanced at his watch and thought, 'It's still early, and since there's nothing urgent to deal with, I'd better go back home to fetch my phone. If I don't take it with me, I won't be able to call Cherry when I miss her.'

Jackson then turned his car around and went back home...

Mond stopped in front of the Chu Family's door and rang the doorbell.

At that time, Andrew was sitting alone in the living room when he suddenly heard the doorbell ring. He was about to ask Lily to open the door, but then he remembered that he had seen her earlier going upstairs to clean the study.

He stood up from his seat and decided to go and open the door by himself. As he stepped towards the door, he thought, 'Who would visit us so early in the morning? Could it be the Butler? I haven't seen him for some days now, but he already has the door's key, and it's unnecessary for him to ring the doorbell. Who could it be then?

No matter who it is, I'd better greet the visitor with my smile as a gesture of politeness.' Andrew then put on a smiling face and opened the door.

"Good morning!" happily said Andrew, before he saw who the visitor really was.

He was taken

hurt Jackson or the others of the Chu Family!" replied Andrew after he heard Mond's words. He knew that Mond was different from what he had been in the past, and he didn't feel surprised when Mond didn't obey his words. What worried him the most was the fact that he would hurt Jackson and his other family members.

Mond furiously stared at him, and said, "Do you really want to protect the Chu Family? Do you really want to protect Jackson?"

Andrew didn't know how he should reply to his question.

When Mond saw that he didn't answer him, he continued to threaten, "Always remember the mistakes that you and Jackson had made in the past! They will all be paid back by every member of the Chu Family!"

When Andrew met with his eyes and saw the fury and hatred burning, he also noticed some hesitation and softness in them. He suddenly realized that the decision he had made in the past had completely suppressed the tenderness in Mond's heart, and because of that, he would never show his kindness to others.

"Don't, don't hurt Jack..." pleaded Andrew, but before he finished his words, he suddenly collapsed down on the ground.

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