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   Chapter 371 Visit The Chu Family (Part Two)

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"Jackson, don't ever anger me again! You should always tell me if you have something to do, because you can never hide the truth from me, " commanded Cherry.

"Okay, okay, you call the shots at home and I will listen to every word you say every day, " quickly said Jackson, as he embraced Cherry even more tightly in his arms. Only when Cherry's scent was around him could he set his mind at ease and feel at peace.

When she felt how tight Jackson was holding her, Cherry patted on his back. "You were looking for the shirt earlier. Weren't you in a hurry to go out?"

'Jackson was looking for his clothes earlier, which means that he'll leave the house, but now he won't let me go. Does he still have time for his business outside?' wondered Cherry.

"There's no hurry, baby. You're more important than anything I have to do, " answered Jackson, as he put his head on Cherry's shoulder.

Cherry felt very sweet and delighted in her heart. Even though Jackson's beautiful words weren't completely sincere, she was still happy nevertheless, because at least they proved to her that she had a special place in his heart.

After some time passed, Cherry said, "Come on, it's already been too long. Go and change your clothes and go quickly. You don't want to be late."

When he heard Cherry's words, Jackson considered everything for a moment and then released Cherry from his arms. He softly touched her face with his hand, and said, "Why do I always feel so reluctant to leave you?"

"I won't ran away, so why are you so reluctant? Just come home early after you finish your business. I'll be waiting for you right here at home, " said Cherry smilin

in the Chu Family. He could also clearly remember the house. There was a big living room, a dining room, and a small bedroom for housekeepers on the first floor, while the main bedrooms and the study were on the second floor. He still remembered the exact location of the bedrooms of Andrew and Jackson, as well as the closed room which no one was allowed to go in.

Mond had never expect that he had kept all of these things in his mind for such a long time. So many years ago, he had once stood in front of Jackson's room and had imagined how happy he would be if he could live in that house. But this was just his imagination and how could it come true?

As for the closed room, Mond didn't know if Cherry had stepped in it as Jackson's wife, but according to his memory, Mond was sure that he had never entered it, because Jackson protected it too well when they was small boys. Jackson didn't allow any people to enter the room and contaminate it in some way, because that room was his parents' room before they died.

Mond finally worked up the nerve to open the car's door and get out of it.

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