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   Chapter 370 Visit The Chu Family (Part One)

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The next morning, Cherry and Joe had just arrived downstairs when they saw Andrew and Jackson sitting together in the dining room.

Joe cheerfully ran to Andrew, and cried, "Great-Grandpa!"

"Joe, come over here, sit and eat some breakfast, " said Andrew happily.

"Okay, " replied Joe.

When she saw Joe seated, Cherry also draw a chair and sat down at the table.

Jackson had kept looking at Cherry the moment she had stepped downstairs. He offered all his care and attention to this woman, but she didn't glance at him once.

"Did you sleep well?" suddenly asked Jackson.

With her head still lowered, Cherry answered, "Yes."

Cherry then began to eat after she answered Jackson's question, and refused to pay any more attention to him. In her heart she actually desired to look at him, and even wanted to have a peaceful chat with him, but she couldn't, because Sally was still lingering in her mind.

After breakfast, Bill drove Joe to school. Standing at the gate of their house, Cherry looked the the car fading in the distance, and then turned around and got back into the house.

The moment she arrived into the living room, Lily happened to walk downstairs from the second floor. When Lily saw her standing in the living room, she immediately said, "Mrs. Cherry, Mr. Jackson wants you to go upstairs. He said that one of his clothes was lost, and that he can't find it by himself."

"Alright, I'll go, " said Cherry calmly. She was the one who ordinarily folded all the clothes and put them in the wardrobe. It was normal that he couldn't find what he wanted to wear, because he had already grown accustomed to having Cherry around him. How could he know in which wardrobe to look for as he had never touched any of them before?

As soon as she arrived at the second floor and was about to enter their room, Cherry saw Jackson standing in front of the wardrobe rummaging wildly thr

r, "Baby, I gave you my word. I will never see Sally again. Don't be mad at me anymore, okay?"

Cherry's heart melted with what Jackson said. It seemed that she always came to terms when Jackson whispered sweet and tender words to her.

Cherry slowly tilted her face and looked at Jackson again. "If you dare to meet her ever again, I will leave you with Joe. There, that should put some sense into you."

When he saw the little woman say those words like a pampered child in his arms, Jackson knew that Cherry wasn't angry with him anymore. "Alright, aright, that's fair enough. It's all up to you, you can do whatever you want, " immediately replied Jackson to cater his wife's feelings.

"That's more like it, " said Cherry with a broad smile all over her face, and with her eyes still fixed on Jackson.

"God! I can finally see your smile!" said Jackson, grinning the moment he caught sight of Cherry's smile. Even though he still hadn't explained to her the reason why he had gone to meet with Sally yesterday, and Cherry also hadn't explained what had happened between Mond and her to him, Jackson was still happy, because the past wasn't worth mentioning again. He still cared about it, but Cherry was more important than anybody and anything in his heart.

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