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   Chapter 369 Looking For The Butler (Part Two)

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After she heard Mond's words, Sally instantly cried out hysterically, "No! You can't hurt Jackson! You can't do that! You can do whatever you like to the other members of the Chu Family, but not to Jackson!"

Sally couldn't imagine what she would do if Jackson was hurt or killed. She thought to herself, 'I won't allow anyone to hurt Jackson! I will try my best to protect him and keep him away from harm!'

Mond then slowly shifted his gaze onto Sally, and with distain clearly sounding in his voice, said, "Do you think that's possible?"

Sally suddenly felt terrified when she met Mond's eyes. She couldn't help but tremble, but she still summoned all of her courage and argued with him, "You promised me that you won't hurt Jackson if you don't need to! You promised!"

Mond immediately replied to her plea, "It's impossible now for me to do that! Sally, I've given you five whole years to win Jackson's heart, but you've failed to do so. Do you really think it's still possible for you to protect him now?"

Sally fell silent, because she knew that Mond was right. She had tried very hard during the past five years to win Jackson's heart, and although Jackson had promised that she could stay around him, the moment that Cherry returned, everything changed. She again became dispensable, and meant little to him.

Sally violently shook her head and cried, "No! No!" A flow of hatred reflected in her eyes as she continued to yell, "It is all because of Cherry! If she hadn't come back, I would have been with Jackson now, and he would have listened to my words!"

Mond was speechless at the sight of Sally's hysterical behavior, and didn't think there was any necessity for him to go on discussing this topic with her any longer.

Jean kept silent and didn't comment on anything that was said. After so many things had happened, she had become indifferent to the events and people around her, but still, whenever she thought of that little boy called Joe, her heart was always softly touched. She never wanted that lovely boy to be hurt.

Sally noticed Mond's silence and she suddenly remembered something. She immediately said, "By the way, the Butler disappeared."

Mond was stunned by the sudden news, and immediately asked, "Disappeared? When and how did that happen?"

"I just got the news this afternoon. Derek and Bobby are already searching for him all over the city, " continued Sally.

A worried look then appeared on Mond's face. He thought for a while, and said, "He knows too many things about us. We can't allow him to be out of our control or be found by Derek or Bobby."

"I don't fully understand your words. What do you mean?" asked Sally, confused.

But Mond didn't answer her question, and instead replied with another one, "Why did he ally with us in the first place?"

"Because he wants to own that token, " replied Sally, without any sort of hesitation.

"What about now?" asked Mond.

Sally thought for a while, and then said, "I don't think that he's got the token yet, and since Andrew is still alive and in good health, it would have been impossible for him to get his hand on the token." Sally then paused for a moment, and continued to say even more puzzled, "But why did he suddenly disappear?"

"There are two possibilit

t me to protect her? If she's always around Jackson, then you will never have the chance to be with him."

"I have to make sure that Jackson will live and won't be hurt first, " said Sally. Jackson had played a very important part in Sally's heart, and because of that, she was capable of doing anything to keep him away from any possible threat. She would try to find other opportunities to take actions against Cherry after she was sure that Jackson was safe, but for now, the only thing that she wanted to do was to stop Mond from hurting Jackson.

Jean still had a foggy understanding of Sally's words. She said, "So that's your idea about it, but..."

She paused for a while, and then continued, "I don't have a plan to help Cherry. You'll have to do it by yourself."

After she said this, Jean turned around and left.

"You!" furiously cried Sally after her. She glared at Jean's receding figure, and thought to herself, 'Shit! How dare this damn woman refuse to help me? Oh, I'm sure that I'll teach her a good lesson sooner or later. Doesn't she know what kind of role she plays in our team? She is such a shameless bitch!'

After a long time sitting quietly on the sofa, Sally finally took her phone back in her hands and dialled Stephen's number.

"Why are you calling me at this time?" answered Stephen impatiently.

"Mond ordered you to search for the Butler all over the city. The moment you find him, kill him, " said Sally in a calm manner, as she kept on telling herself in her mind that she couldn't ever challenge Mond's orders.

"The Butler's missing?" asked Stephen, shocked.

"Derek and Bobby are already searching for him all over the city. You know what to do. This is Mond's order, " said Sally coldly.

"I know what to do. The Butler knows too much about us, and if he discloses our secrets, none of us will be safe, " said Stephen.

Sally didn't say anything. She suddenly remembered that five years ago, when she had met the Butler on the street, he had told her that he wanted to discuss with her about Jackson; from then on, she had started to work together with him. If she hadn't met him, she wouldn't have been in her current situation.

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