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   Chapter 368 Looking For The Butler (Part One)

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At that moment, Jean also arrived back downstairs and sat beside Mond on the sofa. She said, "Mond did that because he wanted to irritate Jackson. He's not really interested in Cherry."

All of a sudden, Sally was enlightened by Jean's words, and realized why Mond had done that in the afternoon. Jackson had been indeed irritated by Mond's behavior, and Mond had achieved his goal.

Mond leisurely said, "You're not as smart as Jean is, Sally."

Jean was delighted to hear that Mond spoke so highly of her, because she had always yearned for the others' recognition. She looked at Mond's face, and thought to herself, 'Because I've been around Mond for such a long time, I've learned a great deal from him. No matter what we do, we should think it twice beforehand; it's never wise to be quick and careless.'

Sally gradually calmed down. She sat on the sofa opposite to Mond and Sally, and after she pondered on her thoughts for a while, said, "So you meant to say that you did that just because you wanted to make Jackson angry?"

"Sally, Jackson and Andrew have always been my sworn enemies and targets, " coldly said Mond. He hated them so much that he would never allow them to go unpunished.

Sally then glanced seriously at Mond, and asked, "What's the plan for our next step then?"

Mond didn't look at her and instead gazed blankly in front of him. He coldly replied, "I want to destroy the Chu Family thoroughly to rip its roots! I want Jackson and Andrew to pay the price for all they've done to me!"

One by one, Mond slowly spoke those words and clenched his teeth in bitter hatred.

After she heard Mond's words, Sally instantly cried out hysterically, "No! You can't hurt Jackson! You can't do that! You can do whatever you like to the other members of the Chu Family, but not to Jackson!"

Sally couldn't imagine what she would do if Jackson was hurt or killed. She thought to herself, 'I won't allow anyone to hurt Jackson! I will t

ll the right to be confident with his guess, because he knew exactly what kind of person the Butler was. The Butler had stayed around Andrew because he had his own ambition for power, not because he wanted to repay Andrew for his kindness of providing him with a worry-free life.

"Then what should we do?" asked Sally. She felt a sudden fear in her heart, because events had become even more complicated than they were.

"Inform Stephen to send some people to look for the Butler too. The man will be killed at first sight. That's the best way to protect ourselves. We'll only be safe once he's silenced forever, " commanded Mond.

Sally didn't agree with Mond to inform Stephen about his order. She expressed her own idea to Mond, and said, "I don't think that we should do that. The Butler knows a whole lot more information about the Chu Family than we do. He's still useful to us."

Mond became irritated because Sally dared to challenge him. He glared at her and sternly said, "But he knows my real identity! He also knows about all our plans and actions, and if he discloses all of them, I, you and Stephen are sure to be killed without a drop of mercy. The Chu Family and those other people will definitely not let us go. I think you know better than me how cruel Andrew is, don't you think?"

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