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   Chapter 367 My Goal Is Not Her (Part Two)

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She said, "I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'll go and sleep with Joe now, and I think you should also go to bed early." She believed that if they continued to talk they would end up arguing with each other and fighting. She knew what kind of person Jackson was, and to avoid quarrelling with him, she had to find an excuse to sleep with Joe tonight, to let Jackson clam down by himself. It was better to wait for his anger to pass and to talk again with each other a few days later.

She then took her clothes and intended to leave the room.

When Jackson saw that she was going to leave, he tightly seized her arm and directly threw her on the bed.

Cherry fell onto the bed, but before she could figure out what had happened, Jackson had already moved close to her.

"What're you doing?" asked Cherry. She was suddenly alert, clutching her clothes tightly to her chest and looking into his eyes.

Jackson gradually approached her. He lifted her chin with his hand, and ordered her, "Cherry Shen, always keep in mind that you are mine! You're my wife!"

After she heard his demand, she answered, "I always keep that in mind. Jackson, I can assure you that I've never cheated on you since we got married, so your warning is useless! You don't need to tell me this! All you need to do is to mind your own business!"

"I'm minding my own business right now!" said Jackson arrogantly. He was even more aroused to fight with her whenever she resisted him.

Cherry retorted, "I don't need you to take care of me!" She thought that Jackson had gone mad for the moment.

"You're my woman, so of course that I have


"If she were in a good mood, then there would be something definitely wrong with her, " said Mond, as he stretched his hand to give his glass to Jean.

She hastily took the glass from him and then stared at him.

Mond didn't even glance at her, and instead directly walked out the door and went downstairs to see Sally.

The moment Sally saw Mond come downstairs, she quickly went to him, and asked, "Mond, why did you tell Cherry that I was with Jackson? Why did you tell her that we were together in the cafe?"

Mond walked into the living room and completely ignored her question. He then leisurely sat down on the sofa.

He then said, "Are you stupid? Don't you know the reason already?" But in reality he still wasn't sure whether Sally knew of his implied meaning.

Sally couldn't control her emotions any longer, and as she stared at Mond, she shouted, "If you love Cherry, you could just date her and let me take care of Jackson! Isn't that be perfect?"

But Mond just peered at her, and slowly said, "Sallly, do you really think that I aim at Cherry?"

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