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   Chapter 366 My Goal Is Not Her (Part One)

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Jackson immediately replied, "No, no! Grandpa, please let me handle everything. I know the best, and please trust me. I promise you that I will never meet Sally again." He didn't want anything unexpected to happen, because if Andrew also meddled in his affairs, then things would only get worse. Mond had already been too big of a headache for him, and he didn't want to be worried about more things than necessary.

Instead of replying to Jackson's words of promise, Andrew sighed, and ruefully said, "If I hadn't agreed with you to save Sally many years ago, we wouldn't have been in this terrible situation now, the people of the An Family wouldn't have been implicated, and Mond's matter wouldn't have been exposed."

Hearing Andrew's scolding words, Jackson just lowered his head in silence.

He knew better than anyone else what had happened years ago. He had been too young and restless at that time, so he had decided to protect Sally, despite the objections that he got from his friends and family. He had even stood up to Andrew to protect her, and in the end, Andrew had agreed to help him as he wished. He had no way of knowing that things would turn out like they did in present times, and he felt that the current situation was complex and difficult to solve.

Jackson didn't say a word for quite a long time.

Andrew steadily stood up, but before he left, he said to his grandson, "Jackson, you should never let Cherry down. Don't be like your father, and be careful to protect Cherry and Joe, because they are the only family that you can rely on for the rest of your life."

After he said this, he turned around and left.

As Jackson watched him leave, he said to himself, 'Grandpa, don't worry, I will protect Cherry and Jo

him and the whole family. That's so ridiculous.'

Jackson stared at Cherry and wanted to read her mind. He asked, "What? You have no excuses on you, right?"

Cherry lightly replied, "No. I have nothing to do with Mond. We're just friends."

Cherry remembered that Mond had saved her life in the elevator, and even though she didn't know him very well, he was still her lifesaver and her friend. She couldn't pretend that he was a only stranger to her.

Jackson then furiously asked, "Just friends? He has fought Sally for you and stared at you in that disgusting way. Will a friends behave like that?" He had always known that Mond and Sally's relationship was deep and unusual, but Mond had defied Sally for Cherry. Jackson naturally thought that this meant that Mond did care about Cherry very much, and he had also noticed that the way Mond was looking at Cherry was strange. Jackson naturally thought that their relation wasn't so simple as "just friends."

Cherry took a deep breath of air and decided that she didn't want to explain anything more to Jackson. If he didn't believe her the first time, he would still doubt her no matter what she said.

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