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   Chapter 363 Baby Boy

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While standing outside his son's door, Jackson listened to what Joe said. When he looked at the two people inside, he knew Cherry and Joe loathed him for what happened at the cafe earlier that afternoon.

Lily didn't see Jackson, and was still respectfully reminding Joe, "Mr. Joe, you can't go out. The family has too much happening, what with Mr. Andrew being taken to the hospital. You shouldn't cause any trouble right now, or your parents will blame me for not looking after you properly."

Lily was afraid Joe would run away from home. She knew how clever he was, and if it came down to a battle of the wits, she would definitely be defeated. He was a genius even at the tender age of five.

Joe didn't say anything else.

But Jackson, standing at the entrance asked, "What happened?"

Hearing his voice, Lily and Joe turned their heads and looked to the doorway and saw him.

Joe was very angry seeing his Daddy there, and he didn't want to talk to him.

Lily however, saw Jackson as a savior, and rushed to him.

"Mr. Jackson, you are still here?" asked Lily.

"What's going on?" Jackson asked. He had already guessed what had happened, more or less, but he didn't know the details. He added, "Where is Cherry?"

"Mr. Andrew fainted, so, Bill and Mrs. Cherry brought him to the hospital." Lily watched Jackson's face as she explained.

Jackson faltered back a step, completely stunned at Lily's revelation. His expression became more frightening as he wondered, 'Grandpa fainted? How? How is that possible? He was fine this morning!'

Jackson turned, desperate to get down the stairs and find out what had happened before reacting, all the while reminding himself silently, 'Grandpa will be okay! He's going to be fine!'

Cherry and Bill were waiting anxiously in the waiting room at the hospital's emergency room for an update on Andrew's condition. Cherry couldn't sit quietly, so she paced back and forth.

When Bill saw how anxious Cherry was, he approached her and tried to comfort her with soothing words, "Mrs. Cherry, please, don't worry so much, Mr. Andrew is in good health. He'll be fine."

"I hope Grandpa will be fine." said Cherry, resting her chin in her hands, and a worried look still etched on her face.

When they heard the sound of footsteps approaching, they turned toward the sound. Cherry and Bill saw Jackson rushing toward them.

Cherry felt a little relieved when she saw Jackson, but then she remembered what the occurrence was at the cafe. The anxiety she had felt was replaced by calmness, but, she stood motionless, in one spot.

Seeing Jackson approaching, Bill hurriedly called out, "Mr. Jackson, finally! You're here at last!"

Jackson looked through the emergency room door, but couldn't see anything. He turned and looked at Cherry as she stood there, silently refusing to talk or make eye contact with him. Finally, he looked at Bill asking, "What happened?"

Bill said, "Mr. Andrew fainted at home, so, Mrs. Cherry and I brought him to the hospital."

"Where is the butler?" demanded Jack

ling to see him?

Seeing his Grandpa unhappy, Jackson said, "I'll go up there and bring him down."

With that, Jackson stood up and was going to the stairs.

"Let me go get him." said Cherry. She knew her son's temperament, and how he would react if Jackson went upstairs to get him. She also knew that if Joe contradicted him, Jackson would lose his temper and beat their son.

Cherry looked at Andrew and said, "Grandpa, I'll go upstairs and get Joe to come down."

"Well, okay then, go ahead." replied Andrew nodding in agreement. He knew Joe was closer to his mother than anyone else.

Cherry nodded and went upstairs.

Cherry found her son sitting alone at his desk. When she entered his room, as he saw the shadows, and knew someone was there and shouted, "I won't see him! I won't see anybody!"

"Joe, " Cherry called softly as she got closer to him. She sat by her son's bed and looked at him.

"Mommy, " Joe said as soon as he saw his Mommy, and he looked at her seriously.

"Why didn't you go downstairs to see your Great-Grandpa? He wants to see you." asked Cherry.

"He's going to blame me. He just fainted because of what I said. I don't want to see him. It's Daddy's fault. Why should he blame me?" said Joe, he claimed that his father was the one to be blamed, even though he knew it was not really true. Why did his Daddy have to abandon his Mommy to date with another woman? Was that woman more important or somehow better than his Mommy?

Cherry took her son's hand gently and explained, "Joe, Great-Grandpa said that he didn't blame you. You know, he loves you so much, he has given you all kinds of delicious foods and interesting gifts. Now, he just wants to see you. Why don't you go see him?"

Joe lowered his head as he thought quietly for a moment and agreed with what his Mommy said. It was very clear by how his Great-Grandpa treated him. He said those words during a very tense situation, knew he was at fault, and didn't want to see his Great-Grandpa because deep in his heart he was afraid.

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