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   Chapter 362 Why Should We Still Stay Here (Part Two)

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Then she held her son's hand and left Mond standing on the sidewalk.

Mond stood still. Cherry had left him behind, and he couldn't think of a thing to stop her. He had neither soothed her, nor forced her to stay, for he had realized that there was nothing for him; there were no words could make her notice him. She was Jackson's woman, who had given birth to Jackson's son. About whom Mond know almost nothing, not even aware of her strength and weaknesses. He had no choice, none but to let her go away. Mond watched Cherry and her son walk away from him. He remained fixed where she left him, looking, watching until the mother and son's figures disappeared.

When Cherry and Joe got back home, they saw Andrew sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Andrew saw them coming back and happily said, "There you are."

Then he looked at Joe and fondly said, "Joe, come here. Come to your Great-Grandpa."

Andrew reached out his hand to Joe. He was going to give his Great-Grandson a warm and tight hug. He loved and adored Joe so much. He had always looked forward to spending more time with Joe.

Joe suddenly said, "No. I don't want to live here! I don't want to live here anymore!"

Then he released his mother's hand and rushed upstairs to his room crying.

Cherry tried to stop Joe by calling out his name and saying, "Joe, how could you be so impolite to your Great-Grandpa?"

Joe had already taken several steps up the stairs, but he suddenly stopped when he heard what her mother said.

He turned around, standing at the steps of the stairs and looked at his Great-Grandpa. His eyes were full of tears as he said, "I hate Daddy. I hate Daddy. Why does he have to find other women? He has my mommy. But why does he have to see other women? Are all people in Chu Family like this?"

Joe's last question was so clear and loud that it reached Andrew's ears.

Then Joe turned around and continued to run upstairs, ignoring his mother's call.

Down on the ground floor, Cherry got angry and said, "Joe, what are you t

e ready for us. They will meet us at the gate."

Bill knew that Cherry was avoiding his question on purpose, so he didn't persist with his question.

When Jackson returned home, it was already six o'clock in the evening. He saw that there was nobody in the living room. And he then checked the kitchen and dining room and found they were also empty. Lily who was usually busy in the kitchen was nowhere to be found. Bill who usually greeted him at the front door was also missing. Jackson was confused and wondered where everybody was. Did Cherry and Joe still not return home?

Jackson thought for a while and started to go upstairs to check on his wife and son.

He was starting to be mad and thought, 'If Cherry and Joe were not back, they must be with Mond. How dare Cherry be with Mond and with my son? It seems that she has been too comfortable these days and forgotten what she is.'

Angrily, he ran to the second floor. Then he saw that his son's door had been left open and he heard Lily's voice. She was comforting Joe.

Jackson slowly walked to his son's room.

Lily stood next to Joe and politely said, "Mr. Joe, you should stay and wait. Mrs. Cherry has said that you shouldn't go out."

Joe firmly said, "No. I want to find my Mommy and leave with her. Since my Daddy doesn't want my Mommy anymore, why should we still stay here?"

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