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   Chapter 361 Why Should We Still Stay Here (Part One)

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Joe looked up at his mother's face and understood what she was feeling at that moment. The boy agreed with a nod and said,"Okay."

Before they left, Joe glanced at Mond and thought to himself, 'So this is Mond, the CEO of ZM Group. He is the same age as Daddy and he protected my Mommy from that angry woman. He looks lonely. What has he been through?'

When Mond saw that Cherry and her son had left, he said to Jackson,"Jackson, don't think that you've won. This is not yet over."

Then he left in a hurry without hearing Jackson's answer.

Jackson saw that Mond was in a hurry and he knew that Mond was going to try and catch up with Cherry and Joe.

Watching Mond leave, Sally angrily said,"Fool! Mond must be insane! He must have fallen in love with Cherry, that bitch!"

Jackson, not liking what Sally called her wife, said,"Sally! Watch your mouth!" He thought to himself, 'How dared she curse my wife in front of me! She totally disrespected me!' Jackson thought that Sally was so different from Cherry. She had no breeding. It seemed that nothing pleasant came out of this woman's mouth.

Sally noticed that Jackson was angry for what she had just said. She needed to help him cool down and forget what she said against her wife. Sally approached Jackson, held his arm and gently said,"Jackson, please don't be mad at me. What happened today was just an accident. I..."

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, Jackson shook her hand off. He slowly walked back to his seat and sat down. His eyes looked glassy, he stared straight ahead and was deep in thought.

Jackson was annoyed and worried at the same time. Things that he dreaded had finally happened. What should he do? What actions must he take to correct today's mistake? What should he do in the future? His main problem now was Cherry and Mond. What actions must he take that would inflict the smallest pain towards these two people?

Mond walked as fast as he could and he was to be able to catch up with Cherry and her son. Mond didn't have to walk that far since the mother and son walked a bit more slowly than before. Cherry's pace showed tha

really hurt, it is not proper to cry in front of other people. It's not right, especially when in front of Mond. For goodness' sake girl, pull yourself together. You are in front of a CEO and it is impolite and unbecoming of you.'

Cherry calmly said,"It's me who should say sorry. I'm sorry that I became too emotional."

Mond felt disappointed when he heard her apology. The Cherry he knew was back. The vulnerable girl had hidden herself away. He thought to himself. 'Cherry, why do you not accept my apology? You never accepted it. I've said sorry to you so many times and not once did you acknowledged it. Do you know that no one in this world can make me say sorry? No one, except you. Do you only have eyes for Jackson? Has he blinded you that you have forgotten that there are other people on this planet, other people who care for you? Do you really care for no one but Jackson Chu, your so-called husband?'

Noticing that Mond was lost in his own thought, Cherry looked at her son and gently said,"Joe, let's go home now."

Joe nodded his head and said,"Okay, Mommy." Joe felt very sad when he saw his mother's sadness and pain. The little boy told himself that he would never be the cause of her Mom's tears. He would make all the effort to make his Mom happy, to keep her smiling. Joe was angry at Sally, and he even wished that the woman never existed.

Cherry looked at Mond and calmly said,"Goodbye."

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