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   Chapter 360 I Want To Protect Her (Part Two)

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Sally's strength was so great that Joe was pushed to the ground.

"Joe!, " Cherry shouted while running towards her son to rescue him from Sally's anger. Cherry immediately picked her son up and asked, "Joe, are you okay?"

Joe, although shock from Sally's display of violence shook his head, stared at Cherry and said: "Mommy, I'm okay."

As soon as Cherry confirmed that his son was not hurt She turned her attention to Sally who was standing nearby. Cherry walked up to her.

She didn't speak any word but gave Sally a strong right-hand slap on the face.

Pack! Sally expected the slap but was shocked by the strength that went with it. Jackson was caught by surprise. He had never expected Cherry to be violent. He never thought that Cherry was possible of hurting another person since he knew her as a gentle and patient soul. He knew that Joe was everything to Cherry and he was aware that Cherry would go through great length to protect her only son. This was the first time that Jackson saw how Cherry was when angered.

"Sally, you are in no position to touch my son, " said Cherry angrily.

"Cherry, you want to protect your son, right?" Sally said, unwilling to show any weakness, "Let see how well you can do that."

With these words, Sally raised up her hand ready to strike back on Cherry's face.

But before Sally had the chance to touch Cherry's face, her arm was suddenly seized in mid-air by a strong hand.

Cherry, fully prepared to receive Sally's vengeful hand was shocked. She was saved from the physical pain, but by whom? Cherry slowly shifted her gaze and was met with Mond's eyes. Mond was there, he was standing beside her. He prevented the strong blow from striking her face.

Jackson, a few feet away from the ladies was planted on his feet in surprise. He couldn't believe that Mond was there. He saved Cherry from the pain that Sally was ready to inflict. Panic and fear started to creep inside Jackso

m but his emotions were chaos. There was no words that could describe what he was actually feeling inside.

Cherry stood aside while holding Joe by the hand. She was trying to make sense of what these three people in front of her were doing and saying. Mond and Jackson were having a staring match. Both men clearly hated at each other. Cherry knew that the hatred between the two men started a long time ago. How could they not be mad when they met in this way? She could see the fury on their faces, and she knew that both men were trying to rail their anger.

Funny as it seemed, this situation made Cherry feel bored. Now that she had discovered and confirmed the date between Sally and Jackson she thought that nothing more interesting could happen. Cherry was no longer in the frame of mind to hear Sally share more details about her relationship with Jackson even though Sally would like to do that. She was sure that her heart would not be able to take the pain. And she was afraid that she would break down and cry. Jackson still was his husband, the father of her son. She still loved him, so she couldn't give a cold shoulder to these things about him.

Suddenly all the commotion turned to silence.

Cherry tiredly turned her head to look at Joe and said, "Joe, let's go home."

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