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   Chapter 359 I Want To Protect Her (Part One)

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Jackson reacted as soon as he heard Joe's voice. He immediately turned his head to look at Joe's direction. But when he caught sight of Cherry's facial expression he could do nothing but stare at her. He was surprised by her presence.

Sally turned her gaze towards the direction where the voice was coming from. Her face showed almost no expression. She saw that it was Cherry and her son who were standing there.

Jackson stood up, he couldn't believe his eyes. In astonishment, he walked towards his family. "Why are you here?" he asked in a puzzled tone. "You should be in the amusement park, right?"

Cherry stared at Jackson while paying no attention to Sally asking, "So how long were you planning to hide this from me? How long were you planning on deceiving me, making me believe that you were out with your friends?" She was desperately trying to control all her emotions inside.

"No!it's not what you think!" Jackson immediately answered. he took a step closer to Cherry and held her arm. Seeing her wife's anguished look, he wanted to tell her everything; however, his mind went blank. He did not know where to start.

Cherry furiously shook his hand off her. She shifted her gaze towards Sally. "Okay, tell me, explain it to me then. What's really happening?" Cherry challenged Jackson, "You know, Jackson, if you wanted to have a date with her, you could have simply asked. I'm a very reasonable woman. I would have agreed to it. You didn't have to make up stories, to create a lie and play me for a fool, " Cherry continued in an angry voice.

Cherry returned her full attention to Jackson once more. She was so furious not only because Jackson went out with this woman behind her back. What hurt her most was that Jackson had lied to her. Jackson had broken her trust.

Seeing an open opportunity to create a greater gap between the couple, Sally slowly stood up and faced Cherry, smiling since destiny has worked in her favor, "Oh my, Cherry, " she said, "I'm so sorry that you had to find out like this. However, do you have to be so angry? I'm sure by this time, you were already very much aware of my relationship with Jackson."

Hearing what Sally has just said, Jackson glared at her and shoute

were busy exchanging accusing questions, Joe glared at his father. The little boy could not help but ask, "Daddy, why are you hurting mommy?" Joe pointed at Sally while saying, "That woman is bad, she is awful. She is not a patch on my Mommy. Why did you leave Mommy and me for her?"

Jackson stole a glance at Cherry and then looked at Joe. For a moment, he didn't know how or where to start explaining, "It's not what you think. Believe me."

"Daddy, you're making me feel very sad. Why do you have to hurt Mommy? I don't like you anymore. I hate you!" said Joe while walking towards Jackson intending to hit him with his small fist.

Seeing Joe, a little kid, take such liberties on Jackson made Sally irritated. Sally went to Joe and reprimanded him. "How could you talk to your father this way? You are just a child. Don't you know that you should show respect to your elders?" Sally lectured.

"It's none of your bisiness! You are a bully!" shouted Joe at Sally, "You are bad! My Daddy has my Mommy. How could you come for him and try to take him away?"

"You!, " Sally shouted at Joe. Sally was no longer able to control her anger. She grabbed the little boy and shoved him backward, shouting, "Tell you what, your sweet dear Mommy, is the one who took your Daddy away from me. She is the bully! She is the bad person, not me! Your Mommy tricked your Daddy into marrying him. It should have been me whom your Daddy got married with and you would never have been born.

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