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   Chapter 358 Rendezvous At The Café (Part Two)

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Cherry pulled the ringing phone from her bag and saw Mond's name on the screen, and Cherry's smile slowly faded.

"Hello?" Cherry greeted as she answered the phone.

"Are you home?" Mond asked, guessing that Cherry would be getting home about now.

"No. Why are you calling?" Cherry asked bluntly. She didn't want to talk to him much at all.

Mond realized Cherry must be at the amusement park with Joe still and went on, "I wanted to tell you something."

"Fine, spit it out." said Cherry indifferently.

"You don't need to be so impatient." Mond heard the unfriendly undertones in Cherry's voice.

Mond continued, "I told you that I'd tell you what I know in regards to Jackson." "I can meet with you now."

"What?" Cherry was taken aback, unsure what Mond meant at the moment.

"You know where the Island Coffee House is, right? If you go there, you will learn everything and it is what you wanted." When he finished giving Cherry the information, Mond hung up.

Cherry stood there a moment listening to the dead call tone in a state of confusion. She pondered Mond's cryptic message, 'What did Mond mean? The Island Coffee? Why would he tell me to go to the café? Is that where Jackson is?'

Seeing his mom in a daze, Joe gently tugged at Cherry's sleeve and asked, "Mommy, what's wrong? Is everything okay?"

Cherry stared ahead with a dull look in her eyes. Her thoughts and emotions were mixed. She did want to know Jackson's past, but she felt a knot in h

As soon as they reached the second floor, Cherry saw Jackson immediately, and the person sitting across from him. She stood there shocked, unable to believe what she was seeing.

Cherry recognized Sally the moment she saw her. Sally had a big smile as she sat there chatting with Jackson. Cherry felt her chest tighten and could hardly breathe.

Joe stared at his Dad and the woman he was with. He guessed the woman was the Sally He. Joe thought, 'That skank! How dare she mess with my parents' marriage!'

It dawned on Cherry what Mond meant. He told her, she would learn about Jackson here and she had! She found out her husband was secretly dating Sally. She remembered Jackson telling her that he was meeting up with some of his best friends and Derek was one of them, but where was Derek? Where were his friends? Was his old lover Sally his friend?

Cherry smiled a bitter smile, thinking, how stupid and na?ve she had been.

"Daddy, " Joe shouted as he glared at Sally.

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