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   Chapter 355 Our Son (Part One)

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Cherry walked into Andrew's room then, and found the floor to be full of bits of broken glass. Shocked, she walked to Grandpa and Jackson.

She looked at Andrew laying in the bed as she stood next to Jackson and asked, "How do you feel, Grandpa?"

Hearing Cherry's voice, Andrew turned to her, replying faintly, "Cherry, you came too. I'm okay. You two should go to bed and rest."

Cherry studied Grandpa's pale face and worried about him, but didn't say anything. No wonder Jackson had ignored her and rushed off to Grandpa's bedroom.

Jackson crouched beside Andrew's bed and took his hands, worriedly asking, "Grandpa, does it hurt again?"

Andrew knew he couldn't hide his pain from Jackson anymore, so he explained, "I was just getting up to get myself some water so that I could take my pain meds."

"You should have called us, Grandpa! I can get you whatever you need, " Jackson told him.

Cherry looked at Grandpa adding, "I'll get you a glass of water, Grandpa!"

With that, Cherry hurried out and headed downstairs.

When Cherry was gone, Andrew took Jackson's hands in his and said, "Jackson, don't let anyone know about my condition!"

"Grandpa!" Jackson exclaimed. He hated seeing his Grandfather in so much pain and weak like this, and wished he could take his grandfather's pain in his place.

"Listen, please, don't tell anyone, especially not Joe, " Andrew reiterated.

Jackson gave his Grandpa a slight nod while looking at him and promised, "Grandpa, don't worry. I know, and I won't tell anyone."

"Okay, good, " Andrew had a look of relief on his face.

Cherry walked back in

his whole world.

"It's okay, I know that you are a very busy man. I just need Joe to know that only his mommy is available. It'll be fine, I'm sure he will understand." said Cherry.

"Honey, thank you, I'm so lucky you are around, " Jackson said suddenly. He looked at her fondly with love reflecting in his eyes. He knew how much she had done for the family. She was raising a great kid and respected his family. She was sincerely worried about his Grandpa and always took good care of him. He was moved by everything she did. He was so lucky and felt secure with her around. As long as she was by his side, he was relaxed.

"I feel the same way, that I'm lucky to have you in my life, " Cherry replied softly, as she snuggled up closer to him.

In the morning when Cherry and Jackson got downstairs, Grandpa was already sitting in the living room. they walked over to Andrew and greeted him.

"Cherry, why are you up so early? You should sleep in a little on the weekends, " Andrew thought Cherry should sleep in on the weekend since she didn't need to go to work.

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