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   Chapter 354 Caring For Grandpa (Part Two)

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"You certainly should protect me, and our son for that matter; you are my husband." Cherry whined, pouting at him.

Jackson slowly let Cherry go, looked in her eyes and said, "Baby, thank you for not giving into Lucia today and arguing to win favor with Grandpa."

Cherry shook her head saying, "They were our guests, of course, I would give the warmest of hospitality unless she pushed it too far, then, I would have pushed back."

Cherry continued, "Besides Grandpa was in such a good mood because of the visit."

"Yes, he looked very happy." Jackson agreed in a relaxed tone. As long as Grandpa was happy, he didn't worry, because neither Cherry nor his son stressed him out.

"I know we all hope Grandpa to be happy." smiled Cherry and said, "I am going to take a bath now."

"Okay." Jackson nodded.

He sat on the bed watching Cherry go into the bathroom.

Cherry's cellphone was put on the table and it made Jackson think of the call from Mond.

Curiosity got the better of Jackson and he took Cherry's phone, unlocked it and checked the call log. She hadn't deleted the call log, and it showed Mond had called last.

Jackson clicked on Mond's name on the screen to view the call details. The call lasted for one minute and twenty seconds, less than two minutes. Seeing that made Jackson lose his mind; he didn't think the man should talk to his wife even that much. 'It's only a minute twenty seconds. It's not like they talked a long time.' he reassured himself.

Jackson trusted Cherry and he knew she wouldn't betray him. As

dpa collapsed on the floor.

"Grandpa! Grandpa..!" shouted Jackson as he rushed, in a fluster to Andrew's side. He knelt down and lifted his grandfather's head to help support him.

"Jackson, how did you know to come?" asked Andrew, his voice was faint and weak.

Jackson didn't respond, instead he asked Andrew, "Grandpa, what happened? Why are you on the floor?"

Jackson noticed the shards of glass on floor and bottle of medicine not far off as he spoke, and realized Grandpa had gotten up to get himself some water.

"It's no big deal, I was careless and fell when I got out of bed." Andrew gave Jackson a weak smile. He was so weakened that as he finished, he collapsed into Jackson's arms.

"I'm taking you to the hospital." said Jackson hastily.

Andrew gripped Jackson's hand to stop him and said, "There's no need, just help me back into bed."

Jackson did what his grandfather asked and supported Andrew as he got up and then Jackson helped Andrew back to the bed, making sure he was positioned comfortably.

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