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   Chapter 353 Caring For Grandpa (Part One)

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"Uncle, did you ask Cherry to leave the company and stay home to take care of Great-Grandpa?" John looked into Jackson's eyes as he asked.

Jackson nodded explaining, "Kind of, yes. Since I am busy with work, I have little time to take care of Grandpa. I fear that neither Cherry nor I was with him when he fell ill."

John nodded in agreement. He thought his uncle asked Cherry to stay at home because she didn't do a good job, but this made more sense.

Jackson looked at John and said, "If you have time, come visit Grandpa."

"Okay, " said John, "I will come over when I have time."

"Don't talk with your mother about Cherry!" Jackson reminded him, " You know she doesn't like her! She always argues with Cherry when she comes over."

"I know." said John firmly.

Jackson thought his nephew had matured a lot in the past few years, and had even developed opinions of his own. Jackson thought the change in him was good. 'As long as he does well and makes an effort in his career, I will protect him in the future.' Jackson decided silently.

Andrew had enjoyed the family reunion so much that after seeing the Ye family off, he didn't want to go home and was still smiling.

Jackson was worried about Andrew as he stood outside next to him and he said concerned, "Grandpa, let's go back in, it's getting a little chilly out here."

"Okay." Andrew agreed, still watching in the direction the Ye family went and added under his breath, "I wonder if your sister will come visit soon."

"If you miss her, you can have the butler take you to Ye family's for a visit." r

p and went to Jackson.

As she got nearer, Jackson put his arms around Cherry and pulled her close to him.

Cherry didn't say anything, instead, she took the towel from Jackson and stood on her tiptoes to dry Jackson's hair.

Cherry standing so closely as she toweled his hair off, made Jackson's heart race and skin heat up. He closed his eyes and enjoyed each second she stroked his head! Seeing she was having some difficulties keeping her balance, he grabbed at her hand outstretched in front of him, stopping her tender ministrations.

"It's dry enough." growled Jackson.

"What's the matter? Your hair isn't dry." Cherry said doubtfully.

"I can finish it, my heart aches watching you on tiptoes trying to reach it." said Jackson.

Cherry understood what Jackson meant, smiling she argued playfully, "Well, it's your fault for being so much taller than me."

"Yes, but, no one can ever reach you or harm you while you are in my arms." said Jackson as he enveloped Cherry's tiny frame in his arms, pulling her closer in his tight grip.

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