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   Chapter 351 The Old Days (Part One)

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In the living room, Cherry went back and sat beside Jackson. She held Jackson's arm, as she did before she left the room.

Jackson didn't ask Cherry who called her. He pretended that the phone call didn't matter to him. However, he was very curious as to what Mond had to say to his wife. The phone call lasted only for a few minutes, still, this did not help him from wondering what the two had talked about.

It was early evening when all the family members gathered at the dining hall to have dinner. Lucia trying her best to control and hide her anger, only spoke to Andrew. In the last few hours, Lucia has tried to gather enough courage to start a conversation with Jackson. Unfortunately, her fear of being disregarded and shamed were greater. She thought that it would be very awkward for her if Jackson kept on shutting down her effort to start a topic. Lucia thought it best to stay quiet and focus her attention to Andrew.

"Joe, have some more food." persuaded John as he picked some more food to Joe's plate.

"Thank you." said Joe with an appreciative smile to John.

John favored Joe more and more as he was an obedient child, who was easy to get along with. Besides, Joe was both the son of Cherry and his cousin.

Lucia was a bit jealous when she saw how John and Joe getting along. She looked at Joe, "Joe, have you been used to living in this house?" she asked.

Lucia thought that most kids, like Joe would prefer living in a villa rather than in a residential compound. Here it was much noisier. Should Joe say that he preferred the villa, Lucia could then ask or persuade Andrew to have Cherry and Joe move out of the residential compound. This will save her from seeing Cherry's disgusting face when she visited Andrew. She would have a better time coming to the compound.

Joe looked at Lucia, "A villa is a nice place but I'm used to living here, because this is my home. Why do you ask that?" Joe innocently asked

Lucia didn't anticipate the child's answer. She was lost for words, for she didn't know how to answer the question that was unexpectedly thrown in her direc

u not? If so, then please just eat dinner with me. Kindly rein in on your temper, all right?"

Lucia heard Andrew's gentle words and knew that she should concede to the old man's request, although she still wanted to attack Cherry. She realized that Jackson wouldn't allow her to do as she wanted and the whole Ye Family will suffer for her disobedience.

"All right, Grandpa, " Lucia answered in a submissive voice. She lowered her head, picked up her chopsticks and started eating.

When Joe saw how Lucia continued eating her dinner and pretending that nothing happened. He started to feel extremely angry. He could not accept that the impolite woman, the woman who said bad things to his Mom was still allowed on the table?

Cherry noticed that Joe's facial expression has changed. The boy was unaware that he was openly displaying his anger towards her Aunt Lucia. He was staring at her, his eyes were full of hatred.

So Cherry discretely pulled on Joe's clothes under the table to distract his attention. Cherry needed to calm his son. He was greatly affected by these heated exchange of words of the adults.

Joe knew that it was his Mommy and he turned to Cherry.

Cherry said to him in a low voice, "Joe, let's have dinner."

Joe heard Cherry, coming to realize that she was comforting him and she didn't want him to hate Lucia.

Joe nodded, lowered his head and went on eating.

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