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   Chapter 350 Apology Not Taken (Part Two)

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Joe paused his game and decided that he had heard enough of the adult conversation. He looked up at John and said, "John, would you like to play games with me?" he asked.

John looked at the adorable Joe, smiled and said, "Okay."

"How about we go to the reading room? There is a computer there that we can use, we can play online games." Joe happily suggested. He was glad that he finally found a willing playmate. His Daddy was always busy and had no time to play with him. He was eager for another man's company, another adult male who was happy to spend time with him.

"Okay, let's go, " said John. Then he stood up and reached out his hand to Joe.

Joe gladly took his hand and said to his parents, "Daddy, Mommy, I'm going upstairs with my brother and play computer games in the reading room."

Cherry was glad for her son to leave the adult world happily and she consented, "Okay. Go ahead. But don't play too long. Or it will harm your eyes."

John looked at Cherry and said, "Don't worry. I'll watch over him and we won't play that long."

"All right." Cherry nodded her head and felt relieved that John was with her son.

After John and Joe went upstairs, Lucia looked at Jackson.

Lucia said, "Oh, Jackson, your son is growing up so fast. Every time I see him, he is growing taller and taller."

Jackson ignored her words and said nothing.

When Lucia saw that Jackson deliberately ignored her effort to start a friendly discussion, she was displeased. She was trying very hard to behave herself in front of Andrew. She was trying to be polite and Jackson was not appreciating her attempt to be civil. She thought, 'Was he insulting me by ignoring me? Was he looking down at me? Was this his way of saying that though I could walk in this house, I was no longer considered a family member?'

Jackson was about to say something, but at that moment, Cherry's phone started to ring.

Cherry took out her phone and saw that it was Mond who was on the other end of the line. Suddenly she tensed up.

Jackson felt th

went home last night, but he didn't know why. After he calmed down, he realized that he had treated Cherry badly in the compound. But, by the time he realized his stupid action, it had been already late in the evening. Even though he wanted to have a pleasant chat with Cherry, that never happened. He slept so little last night, he kept thinking of how unfair he was to her. He thought that he needed to immediately apologize to her. However, when he finally got the nerve to call, Cherry was not interested in what he had to say to her.

Mond looked at the distant and released a deep breath. It was his first time to want to apologize to someone, but his words were refused. This hit his pride quite hard. It was not often that he would bow down and admit his mistake.

He thought to himself, 'Cherry, why did you not accept my apology? Are you aware that by doing this you made me care about you even more? I'll miss you more than ever.'

Mond was so confused about Cherry. Nobody knew that he had gone to the residential compound last night. No one knew that he called her today to apologize. If Sally knew what he had done, she would definitely say that he was totally out of his mind. After all, Jackson was his enemy and so should Cherry be. Even their son Joe, was also his enemy. So how could he be gentle to his enemies? Why should he apologize?

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