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   Chapter 349 Apology Not Taken (Part One)

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Lucia walked into the living room wearing a black coat, black leather gloves. On her stiff shoulder the latest designer black handbag to complete her ensemble. Her entrance reminded Joe of a villain from one of his Disney animated movies, only this one was a real person.

Behind her, Edwin and John followed. The two men who just entered brought a ray of brightness and cheerfulness into the room. Their happy smiles on their eyes had the opposite effect from that of Lucia's entrance.

Lucia's unsmiling eyes landed on Jackson and Cherry and said nothing. Then her gaze fastened on Andrew. She smiled, walked towards the old man and said, "Hello, Grandpa! I've come to visit you. We haven't seen each other for a long time. I really miss you!" She embraced Andrew and kissed his cheek as she finished her greeting.

While this dramatic scene was unfolding, Joe freed himself from Andrew's arms and ran to his mother's side. Joe couldn't hide the displeasure he felt on his face. He thought, 'Why did this nasty person had to come to this home?'

Andrew, happy to see Lucia, laughed and said, "Ha, ha! Lucia, I miss you, too. Glad to see you are doing fine."

After Lucia's greeting, Edwin and John also walked towards Andrew. Edwin looked at Andrew, politely greeted and shook his hand.

Andrew happily nodded his head and accepted the hugs and the greetings.

John, on the other hand, gave a quick kiss to Andrew's cheek and said, "Great-Grandpa, are you feeling good these days?"

Andrew carefully scanned John's face and smiled. "Ha, ha! Yes, I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me. How's your work these days?" asked Andrew

John replied, "Work is fine, not much excitement there. No problems."

After greeting Andrew, Edwin looked at Jackson and Cherry with a smile. He approached the standing couple and gave both of them a warm hug and said, "Jackson, Cherry!"

Jackson smiled and nodded his head as his returned Edwin's greeting.

Cherry returned Edwin's hug and smiled and calmly replied, "Hello, Edwin." She had no bad feelings towards John's father. Actually, John's father was a quiet man. From what Cherry had observed, Edwin was the type who liked to stay at the background and to observe people silently.

nd said, "Jackson, I've heard that Cherry doesn't work for the JS Group anymore. Is that true?" he asked.

Edwin's words surprised Jackson because Jackson's knew Edwin was not one who liked to start conversations or to ask questions. Jackson suspected that Edwin asked him this question to stop Lucia from her nonsensical chatter to Andrew. Maybe he was tired of listening to her voice dominating the sound of the room.

Jackson replied, "Yes, she and I thought that it would do more sense for her to stay at home and spend more time with Joe and Grandpa. Joe is growing up so fast and needs closer supervision."

Edwin nodded his head, smiled and said, "You're right. You're so busy every day, so it's a good thing that Cherry could take some time off and take care of our Grandpa at home and also guide Joe."

Cherry noticed that Edwin looked at her while saying those words. Not wanting to make an issue out of the topic, slightly laughed and changed the topic, "Edwin, Jackson told me that you went for a hike on the mountains several days ago. So how was it?"

Edwin politely answered, "Yes, I was pretty bored at home. I thought I needed to have some change in the environment. I decided to step outside and do some hiking, do some exercise. I'm not getting young; I need more fresh air."

Cherry then continued the light discussion and said, "I think that's a wonderful idea. You should do some hiking more often. You have a lot of good hiking trails in your area, don't you?"

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