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   Chapter 348 Mirth In The Living Room (Part Two)

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Cherry walked to the second floor. She slowly opened the door of Joe's room. Her little boy, Joe was still sleeping. Cherry walked to him and called his name, "Joe, Joe, it's time to get up now."

"Mommy, " called Joe in a small and sleepy voice. Then he pulled himself upright on the bed, rubbing his sleepy eyes. "Have the guests arrived?" asked Joe.

"No, not yet, " Cherry replied with a smile. She helped Joe take his clothes off and said, "Better hurry, breakfast is ready."

"Okay, Mommy, " Joe replied and obediently took the clothes that Cherry picked from his closet.

"Okay, then I will go downstairs first. don't forget to wash your face and teeth before going down to get breakfast." Cherry reminded her son.

"Okay, " Joe nodded.

Joe put on his clothes and made his bed. Satisfied that his bed was neatly made, he then opened his window curtains. The small figure took a moment to admire the garden view outside his window. Finally, he headed to the bathroom to wash up.

As Joe walked down the stairs, he saw his Great-grandpa, his Daddy and as well as his Mommy sitting in the dining room. He immediately ran towards them and greeted them with a lively "Good morning".

"Oh, Joe, slow down, we are waiting for you, " said Andrew as soon as he saw Joe running towards them.

"I slept all night, and I so hungry now, " declared Joe, as he chose a chair beside Andrew.

"Then come and eat your breakfast. Here, have some more, " coaxed Andrew as he smiled. Andrew placed a bowl of porridge before Joe.

"Grandpa, let him do that himself. Please, don't treat him like a baby, " said Cherry. Cherry loved her son very much but she didn't want Joe to develop a habit of relying on others. She wanted him to learn to do things for himself. She wanted Joe to become independent.

"That's okay, that's okay, " Andrew said still focusing his attention to Joe. He always felt happy whenever he saw Joe. He enjoyed seeing his great-grandson having a healthy appetite. "I'm happy to serve our little angel, " declare

de Andrew. The three were still chatting and laughing. Cherry smiled and started to walk towards the trio.

"Joe, what are you guys talking about?" asked Cherry, as she sat next to Jackson. Cherry affectionately placed her hand on top of Jackson's arm.

"Mommy, I'm telling a joke to Daddy and Great-grandpa. I read it on one of my books yesterday, " answered Joe cheerfully.

"Really? No wonder you guys were having such a good time, " said Cherry.

Jackson turned his head to look at Cherry, then he said, "Our son is a gifted comedian. He is a natural. We couldn't help laughing with his jokes."

"That's true. Joe, you are as funny as your Daddy was when he was small, " said Andrew with smile on his face.

"Haha, I just want you all to like me. In this way I can get more love, " said Joe as he looked at his Daddy and Mommy, his irresistible smile covered his adorable face.

Without any notice, the door of the living room suddenly opened. The Butler walked in, looked at Andrew and announced, "Mr. Andrew, Ms. Lucia has arrived."

Just as the Butler finished his words, the four people sitting on the sofa turned their eyes towards the doorway. A happy smile appeared on Andrew's face while Jackson and Cherry's face became stoic. The smile on Joe's lips slowly faded. Looking at the doorway, Joe started to feel annoyed in his heart.

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