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   Chapter 347 Mirth In The Living Room (Part One)

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The whole room was very quiet.

Cherry was still engrossed in her own thoughts. After a while, she then continued her words, "When I was a small girl, I hated a lot of people. I even blamed my mother because I couldn't understand the reason why she didn't take me away from the Shen Family. It was not until I grew up and learned a lot of things, experienced a lot too, then I began to realize that sometimes people found themselves in situations where they became helpless and had no control over things. I became aware that sometimes we couldn't change the others. We coundn't control their behavior, their words, their thoughts, and their feelings. So knowing this, I have decided that I should just pay attention to myself, enjoy every moment of my life, and live in the present. I've tried hard to step away from the shadows of the past and move forward. And, If ever I should meet a person who does not agree with me. A person who cannot accept who I am, my belief, my principle in life. I pray that we can still live together in peace; if not then I hope that we can just go our separate ways and remain in good terms."

Jackson, upon hearing her words, still remained silent.

Cherry saw the somber expression on Jackson's face as he was lost in thoughts. She said to herself, 'He must have so many painful memories which he kept in his heart, '

Cherry, wanting to change the heavy atmosphere between her and Jackson, suddenly said, "Since Grandpa loves Lucia, our elder sister, so much, we should also treat her as a member of our family. I believe we should show her that she matters to us as well. You don't need to worry, I can handle the Ye Family. Cherry assured Jackson with a smile.

"Fine, " said Jackson, turning his eyes to Cherry, "I'm so glad to have a smart wife like you."

Cherry did not say a word but instead gave him a sweet and grateful smile.

The next morning, hearing the obtrusive sound of the alarm, Cherry tried to take Jackson's arms off of her. She intended to get up early before their guest arrived. Cherry's effort however was met by resistance, she was immediately pulled back to bed

. You have a lot of virtues which they don't have!" stated Lily. Lily's words were very sincere and they did not contain any hint of flattery. She remembered the first day when Jackson brought her to the villa. It was the day that Cherry returned. Lily, originally thought that Cherry was one of those finicky ladies from wealthy families, ladies who knew nothing but to give orders to their servants, ladies who constantly demanded attention. However, as time went by, Lily gradually learned that Cherry was a different breed of a lady. She realized that she was special. Cherry never failed to make her feel relaxed and happy in her presence. She believed that this must have been the main reason why Jackson chose her from all the other ladies who constantly surrounded him. Cherry was worthy of his attention! She deserved his unique love!

Cherry didn't say any word, instead, she focused her attention on cooking the family breakfast. After a while, she said, "They are almost okay now. Lily, can you please take care of these foods and I will go upstairs to wake up Joe."

"Okay, leave it to me, " replied Lily smiling.

Watching Cherry walking away, Lily still felt so happy in her heart. She had worked as a housekeeper for so many years, but it was the first time that she firmly told herself she would work for the Chu family all her life if it was possible. She would stay at the place where Cherry was.

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