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   Chapter 346 Saying Sorry In His Heart (Part Two)

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"Don't worry, I know, I'll get up early tomorrow." replied Joe.

Looking at her son's sincere face, Cherry nodded and left.

When Cherry entered the bedroom, Jackson was sitting on the bed and reading a book. She closed the door, and walked towards Jackson. "Is Joe sleeping?"

Asked Jackson, putting his book on the bedside table and looked at Cherry.

"No, not yet, he's still playing with his tablet, " replied Cherry.

Jackson took Cherry's hand, lightly squeezed it and said, "Let him have some fun, it's weekend. Don't push him too hard; he is still a child and there is no need to burden him."

"I know, Joe is a good boy, I don't need to push him." agreed Cherry. Joe was her life, her source of happiness and she was very proud of him. This was the reason why Cherry was trying her best to teach him how to be a good person, to be a good man.

Jackson suddenly pulled Cherry into his arms, he looked at her and said, "Honey, can you spare some care for me too and not give all of it to our son?" "What? What do you mean?" Cherry asked, she was confused by Jackson's question. 'Isn't it normal for a mother to give all her care to her son, why should I leave some for Jackson?' Cherry thought.

Jackson was already an adult, he didn't need caring for, and he didn't need her full time attention. "You care so much for our son. Why don't you care about me?

You do know that Joe would not exist without me." Jackson stated as a matter of fact. He was starting to lose his patience and started to think, 'Why can't this stupid woman figure it out yet, it's such a simple question!'

Cherry finally got the meaning of Jackson's words, he was jealous of his son!

Cherry then smiled at this realization and said, "You're not a child any more, b

wife and his son, he would never leave her off the hook. Cherry nodded, signifying that she understood what Jackson was trying to say to her. She looked at him and said, "Well, I know." She paused for a moment and then continued, "We'll meet a lot of people in our life time. Some people are good to us, while some aren't, but we don't need to hate those who had hurt us for the rest of our life, right?

We need to think more about those who are kind to us, think more about our own lives. We are the major characters in this play, we don't need to remember those who has hurt us, and turn the spot light to them, right?" Jackson didn't answer her, he remembered someone from the past, this person and what he did was something that he could never forget. He had hurt him, and those pains that person experienced had changed his life. But no one could ever predict what would happen next. Destiny had her own plans.

He only made that decision because of the circumstances that he was facing. He had to make difficult choices, choices not everyone agreed on; he had to choose the one with the least damage. With that, Jackson said silently to himself, 'Mond, I'm sorry!'

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