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   Chapter 344 Talk In The Study (Part Two)

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"Are you here to look at your former home?" asked Cherry, cautiously.

The moment Cherry finished her question, Mond's face changed. He then looked at Cherry and furiously shouted, "Shut up!"

Inside the study, Andrew was sitting in front of the desk, with Jackson standing beside him. The atmosphere in the study was a little heavy.

"I will call your sister later to tell her not to make any trouble tomorrow. You'd better talk to Cherry also and remind her not mind about past things. I hope that our family will be harmonious and warm, " said Andrew.

"Okay, I got it. Grandpa, don't worry about it! Cherry isn't a mean woman, " said Jackson. He clearly knew what kind of person his wife was, and that she definitely wouldn't bear any grudge against Lucia for what had happened last time. She wasn't narrow-minded like most people are, but instead very generous.

"That's good!" said Andrew, while nodding his head.

Jackson then looked at Andrew, and asked concerned, "Grandpa, how are you feeling these days? Is everything okay?"

Andrew wanted to say that he was feeling pretty good, but when he thought that there were only the two of them in the study, he considered that there was no need to tell any unnecessary lies. Jackson was his beloved grandson, and it was meaningless to hide the truth from him any longer.

Andrew suddenly shook his head, and after he let out a long sigh, said, "Oh, Jackson, I'm old, and it's in nature's law for every old man's life to eventually come to an end."

After he heard his Grandpa's dolorous words, Jackson walked towards him and squatted down beside him. As he h

id Andrew, while gazing into Jackson's eyes with sincerity. He knew very well about his health condition, and he wanted to handle everything in a perfect manner while he was still alive, but this was the most troublesome issue, more troublesome that it was even beyond his imagination.

"I know, and I don't intend to hurt him, " said Jackson. He clearly knew how to treat Mond.

"That's good!" replied Andrew, as he nodded his head satisfied with his grandson's answer. He knew that Jackson had the wits to handle everything rationally.

"But Grandpa, he often goes to find Cherry. I'm not worried about what he would tell her, I'm worried that..." said Jackson, but he didn't finish his words because he knew that Grandpa already understood what he meant.

After he heard what Jackson said, Andrew got lost in his mind. He could understand his grandson's feelings and why Jackson was so worried, because he shared the exact worry with him. After all, he knew better than anyone else what kind of person Mond really was.

"Gosh!" said Andrew, who then heaved a great sigh.

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