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   Chapter 342 Come Out Of Thin Air (Part Two)

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"It was okay, " answered Joe, without raising his head from the tablet. He was clearly aware that his mother was angry with his dad because of what had happened earlier, so he also didn't ease up.

Jackson didn't know how to continue the conversation, so he just drove the car in silence and listened to their laughter on their way back home.

They were soon back at the military's residential compound, but when Cherry and Joe got out of the car and were walking to the house, they heard someone calling "Joe!"

"Joe, come and join us!" Some of the children were playing with each other and were having fun in the courtyard.

They were very happy there, and Joe wanted to join them to play interesting games with them. He asked his mother, "Mommy, can I play with them for an hour? I promise that I'll be back home in time for dinner."

Cherry looked at Joe and saw in his eyes the yearning to join them. Cherry eventually nodded, and said, "Go; Lily will ask you to come back for dinner later."

"Okay! Thank you, Mommy!" Joe then gave his schoolbag to Cherry, and added, "I'll go and play with them now."

After that, he cheerfully ran to his friends to join them.

"Be careful, and remember to be friendly with each other!" advised Cherry, still a little worried.


Joe then gradually disappeared from sight. Jackson walked up to Cherry, and said with a smile on his face, "He's just a kid, let him play with the other little ones."

But when Cherry heard Jackson's voice, her own smile immediately disappeared. She then turned around and walked to the house alone, leaving Jackson in the back. She was still angry because of what had happened earlier at the school.

Cherry's anger made Jac

kson's whereabouts, and she had no idea about what he did or where he went. She had never asked him about his relationships with other people, except when he had mentioned about them casually during their daily conversations. Cherry now hoped that Jackson could explain things to her clearly and in detail.

Jackson had never thought that Cherry would be so angry. He held her in his arms tightly, and as he looked at her, he solemnly explained, "My baby, you should always trust in me. I don't have any affair with Joe's headteacher, and I really don't know what kind of person she is and what she wants from me."

"Even a fool can see her love towards you, " said Cherry, very irritated, but after she spoke out her words, she couldn't believe what had come out of her mouth. How could she say such a thing? Was it because she was jealous?

Jackson tried to calm down. After that, he looked at Cherry, and earnestly said to her, "Honey, I've loved only you for so many years already! Don't you know that by now? You're the only one in my heart, but if you're really bothered about the headteacher, I'll choose a new school for Joe tomorrow."

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