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   Chapter 340 Pick Up Joe From School (Part Two)

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Cherry knew that she couldn't hide her feelings from Andrew. It was easy to see that there was something wrong from her unusual behavior, and Andrew could tell it clearly without any doubt.

"Grandpa, I just felt distressed thinking that I'm unable to go back to the JS Group to work again, because I don't want to give up on my career. Would you help me to persuade Jackson to change his mind, please? I'm very eager to go back to the JS Group to handle affairs again." Cherry looked earnestly at Andrew and pleaded him to help her.

Andrew sighed after he thought for a while, and said, "Cherry, I know that you have devoted your time and energy to your work, and I also know that you love it. Work has become an important part of your daily life."

Cherry nodded immediately to show that she couldn't agree more with Andrew's words.

Andrew then continued to say, "But Cherry, you should know that in the Chu Family, money is the last thing that you need to be concerned about. If you go back to work, you'll have to wake up early at sunrise, and come back home at dust. What's more, there are so many difficult tasks you need to handle, and Jackson doesn't want you to be that stressed. He wants you to live a relaxed and happy life. Can you understand him?"

Andrew knew too well that Cherry had a strong character aligned with a native dogged persistence. He thought to himself, 'She must feel upset because she just lost her job. It's no wonder that she behaves like this, but now that Jackson has finally made up his mind to keep her away from Mond, I can only support him. I believe in his decision, and I know that he has his reasons for it. He must have his own plan.'

Cherry nodded, and as she lowered her head, said, "Grandpa, I can understand him, and I'll try my best to get used to my current status."


iving room just now before I arrived?"

"That's none of your business! Why do I have to tell you?" said Cherry in a naughty manner. She then continued, "I told Grandpa that you treat me badly, because you won't allow me to go to work."

"Of course, I won't let you go out to work any longer. So what about that? Be a nice obedient girl at home and accompany me whenever I go, " said Jackson, in an overbearing manner. He wanted to protect her and let her live a happy, carefree life.

"But I still feel bored sometimes, " said Cherry, and with these words, she suddenly clung around Jackson's neck with her arms.

"Baby, " said Jackson dotingly, "I'll come back home to stay with you as long as I'm not fully occupied, or I'll try and spare some more time to travel with you in the future. Is that okay?"

Cherry pretended to think over his proposal, and then cheerfully said, "Okay, I can accept that."

"Shouldn't you be saying that it's great?" said Jackson, wondering when had the woman in his arms become so naughty.

"It isn't bad, " replied Cherry, as she looked at her wristwatch. She then said, "Hurry up and change your clothes. We'll be late, and I don't want to make Joe wait for us for too long."

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