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   Chapter 338 Are You Worrying About Her (Part Two)

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Mond met with his eyes, and slowly said, "Stephen, I did that only to protect the woman that you care most about. I managed to behave in a somewhat intimate manner with her in front of Jackson, so he got angry and locked her up at home. When we'll compete with the JS Group in the future we'll face fewer enemies now, and we'll only have to deal with Selina. Isn't this a good plan?"

Stephen thought for a while and eventually understood that Mond was indeed right. He was quite clear of Cherry's capabilities, and that if she didn't work at the JS Group anymore, then it would be much easier for him and Mond to fight against Selina. However, he was worried that Jackson would hurt Cherry because of that, and he knew that it was very likely that Mond had undertook his actions for some other hidden purposes of his.

Stephen then remained quiet, and didn't utter another word.

The Butler continued to say, "Mr. Mond, it's now very easy for you to wipe out the JS Group off the face of the Earth."

"You're right, and now I can take my revenge on the JS Group without any more worries, " replied Mond, with a strong hatred flowing bright in his eyes. Now that Cherry had left the JS Group, he had nothing left to worry about, and he could immediately attack Jackson's company with full force. If the JS Group lost the war and failed in its endeavors to protect itself, Jackson would blame none other than Selina, because Cherry had nothing to do with it. Mond didn't want to hurt Cherry in any way.

"Mond, we can keep attacking the JS Group slowly as we planned. If we strike too hastily, then other companies might become doubtful of us, " suggested Stephen.

Mond nodded, and replied, "I know it. I'll gradually send my people to penetrate the JS Group and act from the inside. After our acquisition plan succeeds, I'll have my people in every key posit

that we need, " replied Mond. He paused for a moment, and then continued to say, "However, after I kill Andrew Chu, he'll lose all of his value for us, and then I'll dispose of him, no matter how ambitious he thinks he is."

Stephen said, "I also feel that he'll pose a danger to us, sooner or later. Mond, I think that we'd better not tell him too much about our plan anymore."

"Even if he knows about it, what do you think he can do? Besides, I'll also let Cherry in about it, " said Mond.

"What? Are you out of your mind?" suddenly shouted Stephen as he stood up from his seat. He then continued, "If you tell Cherry about it, Jackson will also know about everything!"

"And that's exactly what I want, " replied Mond. He stared at Stephen, and calmly said, "I'll let Jackson know that no matter how much money they gave me, what he and the Chu Family did to me can never be compensated."

"But, you can't do that!" argued Stephen. He stared ahead, pondering something in his mind.

"What's wrong? Are you worried about Cherry?" asked Mond, as he looked deep into Stephen's eyes. The look on his own face seemed to be still serene, but his heart had flooded with complex emotions that even he couldn't understand sometimes.

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