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   Chapter 333 Online Chat (Part One)

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Cherry was still vomiting over the toilet as Jackson squatted next to her. His brows knitted with worry and he asked, "Babe, are you all right?"

Cherry ignored Jackson's gentle voice, because she felt so sick and weak at the moment. When she felt somewhat more herself, she got up, went and washed her hands at the sink.

Cherry was angry, but Jackson wanted to comfort her, so he followed her to the wash basin. He gently ran his fingers through her stray hair, so it wouldn't get wet.

Cherry remained indifferent while she silently dried her face with a towel. When she was done, she left the room.

Jackson felt helpless and disappointed, he knew why Cherry was furious, and also that he couldn't blame her.

Cherry was gloomy as she sat back down at the table. A moment later, Jackson rejoined the family, sitting next to Cherry.

Andrew looked at Cherry with concern and asked, "Cherry, are you feeling better now?"

"Yes, thank you, Grandpa. I feel much better, " Cherry said in a quiet and respectful voice.

"Good, " said Andrew nodding. He kept silent though when he noticed Jackson's gloomy expression.

Lily walked up with a bowl of soup.

Jackson saw her and ordered, "Lily, from now on, you need to wake Joe up in the morning and drop him off at school at 7 a.m. Would you do it for me?"

Lily stood there with a look of confusion. Cherry was a responsible mother, who took care

Of Joe personally, 'Why would Jackson want me to take over like this? Cherry's a qualified mother, and hasn't done anything wrong.' Lily wondered. 'Why the change in the routine?'

"As you wish, " respo

Cherry studied Joe's face, hesitating before she responded, "Joe, your dad is always in my heart. Even when I ran away five years ago, I knew I still loved him the second I saw him again."

Joe had an apprehensive look as he stared silently at his mother.

"As for whether or not your dad still loves me, I don't know, " added Cherry. She stopped for a moment, recalling her conversation with Mond a couple of days ago. Mond told her Jackson had tried to protect Sally, and that he loved her so much he would die for her. However, Cherry didn't think Jackson ever loved her that much. Perhaps, it was because Jackson still loved Sally to an extent.

"Well, were dad's actions today impulsive?" asked Joe curiously. He hadn't personally seen what happened between his parents in the afternoon. So, he could only guess his mom had suffered great pains. He wanted to protect his mom and take her away from his cruel father. But, thinking of his father, Joe felt there was love between them, from what he saw. He knew that his dad was kind to his mom in his particular ways.

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