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   Chapter 332 Having Dinner Together (Part Two)

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Nobody said anything for a long time, then Andrew walked over to Cherry and said, "Cherry, there is no irreconcilable hatred between a husband and his wife. You and Jackson need to take the time to talk out the problems between you and work things out. It's not something that you can run from. We are family, and we need to live here together. Everything should be discussed and handled together. If Jackson mistreats you, I want you to come and tell me, and I'll confront him."

Cherry was stunned and sat there, not sure what to say. Andrew had just humbled himself to her, and from anyone else's perspective, he had given her a high honor. Andrew had spoken to her in such a low, gentle tone, which made her wonder if she could continue quarreling with Jackson.

Cherry looked at her son lying in her arms and asked, "Joe, are you really okay?"

Joe nodded as he responded, "Yes Mommy, I'm really okay."

"Then let's go to dinner, " said Cherry in an even tone.

Joe understood the implication in his Mommy's words. She was compromising after hearing what his Great-Grandpa said. He was very worried for his Mommy, because she held all the pain in her heart. After reflecting for some moment, he saw that he had acted impulsively just now. What would they do if he really took his Mommy away? His Mommy had told him once that Uncle Wilson had helped them a lot, and he knew his Mommy and he would feel bad if they had to appeal to his generosity again.

Joe nodded, "Okay."

When Andrew heard the short exchange between Cherry and Joe, he was very happy and ordere

heck in on Cherry."

That said, Jackson stood up and went to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, Cherry was vomiting, spewing everything she ate into the toilet, whereas Joe stood next to her and asked, "Mommy, are you okay? Are you sick?"

Cherry sat there a long time before she finally felt a little better, and said to her son, "It's okay, I just ate something bad, and my tummy is a little queasy."

Jackson walked in just then. Joe glanced over his shoulder at his Daddy, and turned back to his Mommy again.

Cherry knew Jackson was there, but she didn't say a word to him.

Jackson walked closer to Cherry, he looked at his son and said calmly, "Joe, go back and finish your dinner."

Seeing his Daddy being not angry, Joe was a little more at ease. He knew that his Daddy wanted to take care of his Mommy himself, and that his Daddy would become angry again if he defied him at that moment. He couldn't imagine the consequences of his Daddy's anger.

Joe left the bathroom, but kept looking back at his Mommy as he walked away.

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