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   Chapter 330 Leave Here

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"Did you tell Selina?" asked Derek.

"No, I didn't. I don't want her know, she's innocent, " explained Jackson.

Derek stared straight ahead.

After a long silence, Derek replied, "Okay, I understand."

At the time, the elevator stopped at the office floor. Selina stepped off the elevator with documents in her hands. Walking into the room, she glanced at Jackson and Derek silently. As she handed the papers to Derek, she said, "Here are the reports you asked for."

Derek could tell Selina was angry as he took the papers from her. He scanned the forms and handed them to Jackson.

Derek looked at Selina as he said, "Selina, Jackson and I had a discussion while you were gone, and we believe it's in Cherry best interests if she stops working here."

"Why do you agree with Jackson that Cherry shouldn't work here any more?" asked Selina.

Derek nodded and continued, "Selina, I believe you are quite capable of doing exemplary work, with or without Cherry."

"But Cherry is good at her job, and I don't want to lose her!" pleaded Selina.

"Selina, do you wish to put Cherry in danger?" Derek asked impatiently.

"What do you mean?" asked Selina furrowing her brows.

Jackson was concerned, and wondered if Derek had decided to tell Selina some of the details of what was going on.

Derek held Selina's gaze as he explained, "You know the ZM Group's target is JS Group, right? Mond Xu wants the ZM Group to surpass the JS Group."

Selina nodded and answered, "Yes, I know that, but what does that have to do with Cherry?"

Derek told Selina in a serious tone, "If I were to tell you Cherry is Mond Xu's target, would you believe me?"

Selina hadn't considered Cherry as the actual target nor taken time to mull over the facts in her head.

Derek knew Selina was contemplating the information, so he continued, "You are aware of Cherry's excellent work ethics. You should also understand other people would know it too, including Mond Xu. Therefore, since he regarded Cherry as his enemy, he would do harm to her and try to have her removed from the JS Group. You don't want the situation to turn sour, do you?"

Derek knew Selina well, and even though she was considerate; she wasn't as innocent as Jackson believed. She would know what course of action was the best.

Selina was still lost in thought and didn't say anything.

"Do you understand now why Jackson doesn't want Cherry to work here any more?" asked Derek, "Jackson wants to protect Cherry because he loves her deeply. If Mond Xu were to try and harm Cherry while Jackson was away, would you be able to protect her well?"

"I, " Selina paused, unsure of how to answer Derek's question. She couldn't protect Cherry well for any length of time. Selina wanted Cherry to accompany her, and provide assistance, but hadn't thought much about what could happen to Cherry if she did. She couldn't ignore the threat Mond Xu posed though; because of h

d him. Joe was of the utmost importance to her, and she keep him from harm at all costs.

Joe piped up suddenly, "I understand the situation." He looked at his mom as he went on, "Mommy, why do you have to pretend to be strong?" Here, at home, nobody dare to bully you, except daddy. You live for daddy, and cater to him though, so, why does he have to treat you so terribly? Why does he treat you this way?"

Joe was heartbroken seeing his mom in despair, and his heart filled with sadness. She raised him for many years all alone, and during that time she must have suffered a lot. That was what Grandma and his uncle told him. Now, seeing her upset like this tugged at his heartstrings. She must be heartbroken, or she wouldn't be so glum.

Cherry knew that she wouldn't be able to dissuade Joe from questioning her, and she would need to come to a compromise with him. His character was so much like Jackson's, and he was clever beyond her expectation. Seeing him so worried about her, moved Cherry, because it gave her a glimpse at how much her son loved and cherished her.

Cherry said in a steady voice, "Joe, the matter between us can't be resolved easily. We have different personalities, so, sometimes we do disagree, and argue."

"But why did he treat you so terribly?" "You're his wife, he shouldn't treat you like this, " reasoned Joe, pouting. He looked at his mom questioning, "Did he hit you again?"

"No! No, he didn't, " Cherry said defensively as she turned away, not wanting Joe to see her face.

Joe saw the mark on Cherry's neck, which looked like someone had wrung her neck, and determined his dad must had choked her, because only his dad would dare to.

Joe jumped to his feet angrily and pulled Cherry up with him saying, "Mom, please stand up."

Cherry gave Joe a confused look when they were up, "What's wrong?"

"I want to leave. We can ask uncle to find a house for you and I to live in together, " exclaimed Joe.

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