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   Chapter 329 True Reason

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Both the butler and Sally reflected on Mond's words.

The butler stared at Mond and said, "Maybe he loves Cherry, so he can't lie to her."

This made Mond feel uncomfortable.

"I have been living with the Chu Family for many years, and I can see that Jackson loves Cherry. However, because of you, I saw Jackson hurt Cherry. Jackson must have felt really awful, " said the butler. He stopped for a moment and added, "This time he almost killed her. I can tell, by the looks of Jackson, that he was feeling sick at heart. I have never seen him so angry and cruel toward Cherry. And to make this worse is having Andrew passed out when he heard your name. Probably he made a confession to Cherry for the sake of her safety."

Mond looked at the butler in surprise, "He hit Cherry, because of me?"

The butler nodded. "It was at the party last night, " he added.

Mond felt miserable. He had thought Cherry was doing well with the Chu Family, and here was a shocking news. Cherry was being physically abused by Jackson because of him. 'Oh! Cherry, why are you enduring this pain for me? Nobody has ever done such a thing for me, ' he said to himself.

Sally turned her gaze towards Mond and said, "Mond, it seems that you're causing a disturbance inside the Chu Family. Your behavior is creating a gap between Cherry and Jackson's marriage. So why don't you take Cherry safely away from Jackson, and leave Jackson to me?"

Mond gazed blankly ahead and remained silent.

Jean stood nearby watching them outline their plans.

There was a long silence before Mond spoke and asked the butler, "Have you found that thing?"

The butler shook his head helplessly, and answered, "No, I haven't. I was with Andrew all the time. I never had the chance to look for it."

"You have been with him for so many years. You manage all his financial affairs, how come he hasn't told you the where-about of that thing?" Mond stopped for a few moments and went on, "I must have it. That's the most important thing for me."

"We all know its importance. Besides, Andrew is a very shrewd person, and he cherishes that thing more than anything else in the world. He would even give up his life to protect it. How could he give it to me easily?" answered the butler. "I guess even Jackson doesn't know its existence. It's the biggest secret of the Chu Family."

"Impossible, " said Mond sternly, with the light of hatred shining in his eyes. "I bet Jackson must know it. It's impossible that Andrew hasn't told his dear grandson about it."

The butler contemplated Mond's words and answered, "I don't think so. First, Jackson himself is well-connected enough. Second, he doesn't give a shit about his grandfather's power and influences. Even when he mobilized Bobby and the gangsters, he did it only to find Cherry."

Mond and Sally looked at each other and remained silent. Both of them knew the importance of Cherry to Jackson. Otherwise, Bobby wouldn't have been summoned at all.

"Mond, we had better act ahead of our schedule, " Sally proposed. She had been waiting for so long for a chance to win Jackson's heart again. She had established a co

car, with Cherry sitting on the passenger seat, " answered Jackson. Whenever he recalled what he saw at the parking lot of JS Group, he couldn't help but feel his anger rise. Why did Cherry meet Mond, why was she so friendly towards him? he thought bitterly.

"Did Mond tell her anything?" asked Derek anxiously.

"Yes. He told her my history with Sally, " answered Jackson.

"Anything else?" asked Derek curiously, trying to figure out what had happened. "I don't think Mond has told Cherry everything." He added.

"Perhaps you are right, " said Jackson trying to calm his emotion.

Jackson's answers silenced Derek. He thought, 'Fortunately, the situation hasn't turned for the worse. Mond has just told Cherry things about Sally.'

"Cherry knows what happened to Sally's Family. I wasn't aware of it until she mentioned Sally's name, " Jackson said.

"Don't tell me you..." Derek trailed off.

He knew that Jackson slapped Cherry on the face last time they had a fight. If he got angry again, would he lose his control and hit her once more? Derek wondered.

Jackson looked distressed. He didn't answer Derek's question. Helpless, he said, "I don't want Cherry to have anything to do with Mond. I know he's dangerous. He aims to ruin me, the Chu Family and everyone I love."

Derek nodded in consent. He knew why Jackson was worried. The existence of Mond posted a great threat, and would certainly produce some dangerous uncertainties for Jackson and his family. The pained look on Jackson's face was evident when he saw Cherry together with Mond. Derek was afraid that Jackson might lose control again. Cherry meant everything to Jackson. For her sake, he was willing to do anything and make unimaginable sacrifices.

"I see. You told Selina to fire Cherry to protect her and prevent her from meeting Mond again, " said Derek. Seeing Jackson's facial expression, Derek knew that he had guessed it right.

"Well, Derek. I'm ready to take the consequences for what happened to Mond in the past, but, nobody can hurt Cherry and Joe, " said Jackson with a determined voice.

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