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   Chapter 328 What Did He Want To Do (Part Three)

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He then patted Jackson's shoulder, and in a much more tender and calm voice said, "Jackson, promise me that you won't let Cherry and Joe know about any of it! If Cherry knows everything, then those people will never let her go!"

"But I..." started Jackson to say, but before he had the chance to finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Andrew again.

"Both Mond and Stephen now know about Joe's existence. What do you think they will do to him?" asked Andrew.

Jackson's then thought about Joe. He pondered, 'Even If I tell everything to Cherry, the two of them will still be in danger. It doesn't matter whether I tell her or not, Cherry and Joe will be in great peril, and what I should do right now is to protect them and not struggle with the thought of whether I should tell Cherry or not about what happened in the past.'

When he saw that Jackson didn't say a word, Andrew continued to say, "Jackson, do you now know what you have to do?"

Jackson nodded his head.

After he stayed with Andrew for a while longer in the living room, Jackson stood up from his seat and said that he wanted to go to the JS Group. Andrew nodded, and then Jackson turned around and left.

Not long after Jackson's departure, the butler walked in front of Andrew, and said, "I will go out to buy something."

Andrew was in a mess in those moments, and didn't care much about what the butler said. He just waved his hand and didn't ask him anything.

After he left the military residential quarters, the butler dialed a number.

"Where are you?" asked the butler.

A woman's voice then sounded in the phone's speaker from the other end of the line. "I'm in the villa."

"In Mond's villa, y

"Really? Who can prove it?" continued Jean.

"You..." After she said that, Sally raised her hand and wanted to slap Jean, but she heard Mond's voice.

"Enough!" shouted Mond. He looked at Sally, and said, "Look how impulsive and reckless you are! Do you think that you deserve Jackson's love?"

After she heard this, Sally calmed down. She cast a sharp glance to Jean and then lowered her hand.

The butler had no idea what what was happening. He decided to stick to Mond's orders.

"What should we do now?" asked the butler, while looking at Mond.

Mond didn't say a word.

Suddenly, the butler thought of something, and went on to say, "One more thing: Jackson wanted to tell Cherry about the past, but Andrew didn't let him."

"What?" Sally now looked very surprised now. She looked at the butler, and said, "Doesn't Jackson know that if he tells Cherry everything he would also get her involved?"

"How couldn't he? But I think that he has some other plans already." said the butler, and then started to ponder seriously on the matter at hand.

"What the hell does Jackson want to do?" suddenly asked Mond.

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