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   Chapter 327 What Did He Want To Do (Part Two)

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"Hrrr!" Cherry felt that she was suffocating, and felt a great pain in her neck and even more in her heart. She kept resisting him, hoping to remove Jackson's hand, but she was too weak to do that.

"Don't you understand why I asked you not to go to work anymore?" said Jackson, while he glared at Cherry, with eyes filled with fury. He then continued to say, "If you dare to meet Mond again, I will break your legs!"

Cherry then realized that his real purpose for keeping her inside the house and out of work was for her not to meet Mond. What was Jackson afraid of? 'Is he afraid that Mond will tell me even more about him?' thought Cherry. Now since her curiosity had been aroused even more, she really wanted to know everything about her husband from Mond. For her, Mond was the only one who would tell her about Jackson's secrets.

Cherry didn't utter a word, and felt short of breath while she kept resisting Jackson.

When he didn't get any reply from her, Jackson continued to squeeze her delicate neck in his hands.

Suddenly, the bedroom's door was pushed open, and Andrew and the butler were standing at the door.

When he saw that Jackson was suffocating Cherry, Andrew furiously walked over and ordered, "Get your hand off of her!"

After he heard Andrew, Jackson looked at Cherry and then slowly removed his hands off of her neck.

Cherry was so weak that she collapsed on the floor straightaway after Jackson left her go.

"Cherry!" cried the butler, who hastily walked over to her to help her stand up.

But he was quickly pushed away by Cherry, because she didn't allow anyone to get close to her in that moment.

"What the hell is going on here?" asked Andrew, while staring at Jackson.

Jackson didn't utter a word, and instead kept his fixed eyes on Cherry. He could never control himself whenever she angered him, because she enthralled him so much that he didn't know what he was doing anymore.

When he saw that Jackson didn't answer him, Andrew looked at Cherry, who was squatting on the floor and gasping for air. When he saw her expression, he could tell how painful and broken sh

w everything about him, something that made him feel helpless. He had lost his control and slapped her last time because of Mond. The impulse to hurt her had boiled again earlier, also because of Mond. He hated himself for what he had become, and thought, 'She's my woman and I should love and protect her, but why do I quarrel with her every time?' He was terrified at the thought of losing her again, and he could never forget the feeling he had in his heart five years ago when she had left him. He didn't want to suffer again, and he was very afraid that Cherry would run away from him again.

Hearing what Jackson just said, Andrew's face suddenly changed. He looked at Jackson, and in a furious voice said, "No! You can't tell her!"

Jackson didn't utter a word and instead painfully lowered his head.

When Andrew saw how upset his grandson looked, he also started to feel distressed, but he couldn't allow anyone to meddle in his plan, not even his grandson. If his plan failed, then the whole Chu Family would all done for, and that was something way beyond his wildest imagination.

Andrew felt somehow helpless. Nowadays, he was no longer as aggressive as he had used to be in his younger years, and his body wasn't responding to his commands anymore. Even if he wanted to do something all by himself, his body couldn't let him. He had no other choice but to stay with his hope anchored in his plan.

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