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   Chapter 326 What Did He Want To Do (Part One)

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Jackson's words irritated Cherry. She stood up, and as she looked into Jackson's eyes, she furiously said, "Yes, Mond has indeed told me something!" She paused for a moment to think of something, and then continued to say, "Jackson, I've always been worried about you because I thought that it was dangerous to have Sally around you, but now I know that I was wrong; now I realize how much you actually loved her years ago."

Jackson also furiously stood up, and in a thundering mad rage asked Cherry, "What the hell did Mond tell you?"

Jackson hadn't expected that Mond would tell Cherry things about him and Sally. What the hell did he want to do? What was his scheme? He had thought that Mond would tell Cherry something about his past life and background, not about Sally.

"He told me some of the facts that you tried to hide from me, " said Cherry. She obviously knew that Jackson was very angry, but she didn't fear him anymore. She had been very anxious after knowing the truth and she felt that it didn't make any sense to be still afraid of him.

Jackson then suddenly came closer to Cherry and tightly gripped her arm. In an infuriated tone, he said, "Tell me, what did he say to you? Tell me now!"

Cherry wasn't scared of him anymore; she calmly looked into Jackson's eyes, and word by word uttered, "Jackson, I had never expected that you would be able to give up everything you had for Sally. It's no wonder that you left me alone at home for her sake five years ago. I always thought that you indeed loved Sally, but I had never expected that you would love her so deeply as to sacrifice all that you had!"

"Enough! Shut up!" shouted Jackson, as a hot burning fury started to blaze deep in his heart. It was true that he had once loved Sally, but that was long before he had met Cherry. He knew better than anyone that he had gone maybe a step too far with what he had done to Cherry five years ago, but he tried to think better about it, and it seemed that he had cherished her even more than before after her return. He wanted to love and care for her with all of his heart, b

nation formalities for you. You'll stay at home!" commanded Jackson. He was very worried about Cherry's safety, especially now that Mond had appeared, because he was afraid that he would still look for her and hurt her. He was terrified of losing Cherry again, and he was afraid that Mond was a great danger to her, because what Mond wanted was to ruin Jackson and the Chu Family, and that included his woman too.

But Cherry refused him firmly, "No! I will not quit my job!"

Jackson frowned, and he couldn't believe his ears. Was the woman resisting his command? With his deep eyes looking at her fiercely, he roared, "Are you resisting me?"

"Yes, I am!" said Cherry without any sort of hesitation in her voice. "Even If you won't allow me to work in the JS Group anymore, I will still go and find another job! I won't stay at home every day!"

Cherry had been very satisfied with her present life, and she didn't want to destroy it. During the past years, she had been making money with her own two hands, and it had become a habit for her to be independent financially. Even if Jackson gave her an abundant amount of money and asked her to stay at home, she would still not agree with him, because it was too easy, and too boring.

After he heard her, Jackson became infuriated. Like an angry lion, he strode towards Cherry and fiercely grabbed her by the neck with all of his strength.

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