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   Chapter 325 A Simple Explanation (Part Three)

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Mond was even more certain in his heart that Cherry wasn't happy at all being with Jackson. He had figured that out when he had first seen Cherry at the elite party, and it had been obvious that her face had been slapped by Jackson. She didn't lead a happy life in the Chu Family, and what Jackson had done earlier to Cherry, because he was too explosive towards her, made Mond want to kill him instantly. Several years ago, Jackson had given all of his heart to Sally, and he had actually treated her very well, loved her, and even listened to all of her words, but now it seemed that he had such a terrible attitude towards his wife, and that he had even been capable of hitting her. 'Jackson, what an awful man you are, ' thought Mond.

It wasn't until Jackson ran away from his sight that Mond finally recovered from his thought. He considered everything for a while, and couldn't help but get a pleasant feeling in his heart. Cherry would stop appearing at the JS Group, at least in the following days, and because Mond knew Jackson's personality like the back of his palm, he was sure that he wouldn't let Cherry out of sight again. He could then concentrate on attacking the JS Group in the following days.

Mond then started the engine and drove his car away. His hands were sweating on the steering wheel, and he still had the woman deeply etched on his mind. He hadn't wanted to sign the contract not because he didn't want to cooperate with the JS Group, but because he didn't want to get Cherry into the trouble. If someone were to take the blame he would choose Selina to do that, or more accurately, he would make Jackson take all the responsibilities upon him. At that time, all things that went wrong in the company seemed to be connected to Selina, the nominal chief executive of the JS Group, while Cherry would have nothing to do with the trouble that came over the JS Group. He would try all means to make Jackson be the loser of t

fter that he drove me back to my company. That's when you saw us, " said Cherry. She didn't want to give him a detailed explanation, and because Jackson had roared at her in front of her company earlier, she was unwilling to tell more to him.

"Your lunch ended so fast, " said Jackson. He then raised his head, looked up at Cherry, and asked, "Where did you talk with him about the contract?"

"At a restaurant, " answered Cherry.

"Why didn't you go to a hotel? It's a better place for you to do what you want to do, " said Jackson, staring at Cherry's eyes.

"You..." Cherry didn't know what to say next to him, and she wondered how could Jackson even dare to speak this kind of words to her? How could he do that as her husband?

"What? Did I say anything wrong? Didn't you say that you were already interested in Mond, and that you want to find out everything about him? Now that the two of you are so close to each other, he must have told you so many things that you wanted to know, right?" said Jackson ironically. Actually, all of these things were exactly what he had been worried about the most. The truth was that Mond knew too much and he couldn't be in his control, and if Mond ever wanted to tell something to Cherry, there was no way for Jackson to stop him from doing that.

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