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   Chapter 323 A Simple Explanation (Part One)

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Jackson then drove to the JS Group, and directly took the elevator to Selina's office room on the top floor.

When he arrived there, Selina was talking business matters with several of her senior managers. Selina was a bit surprised to see Jackson suddenly come out of the elevator.

"Brother, why are you here?" asked Selina, paying all of her attention to Jackson.

When they saw Jackson, the senior managers who were sitting in Selina's office immediately started to diligently nod at him. All of them knew in their hearts that the real boss of the JS Group was none other than Jackson.

Jackson glanced at all of those people, and then said to Selina, "Are you busy now?"

"No, I was just arranging something for them. I'll be finished soon, " answered Selina.

"Okay, then go on with your work, I'll make myself a cup of tea meanwhile, " said Jackson, and then stepped towards the tea room.

Selina quickly told a couple of things to the senior managers and then let them leave.

After she watched them get out of her office, Selina walked to the tea room to speak with Jackson.

Sitting on a chair in the tea room, Jackson was drinking his tea and enjoying the scenery outside the window.

"Brother, how come you're free to come here and talk to me?" asked Selina, as she sat on a chair opposite to Jackson.

"I just wanted to come here and visit you, " replied Jackson, still looking at the scenery outside.

"You came here to see my Sister, didn't you? Oh, you have only eyes for my Sister. Have you ever thought of caring about somebody else once in a while?" said Selina calmly.

It seemed that Selina read Jackson's mind, because what she had just said was exactly what Jackson thought and felt in his heart. Thinking about Selina's words, Jackson had to admit to himself that he put Cherry in the center of his heart all the time, and that she was the most important person to him in the whole world.

"You?smart girl!" a smile curved Jackson's lips.

Selina laughed, and then said, "What a pity, Brother! You'll be disappointed to hear that my Sister is not in the company right now."

After he heard her, Jackson shifted his eyes from the window onto Selina, and asked her, "Where is she then?"

Selina innocently answered him, "She went out to talk about a contract with o

ross the lobby and left the JS Building.

But Jackson suddenly stopped in his tracks when he was on his way to his car.

Mond parked his car in front of the JS Building, and then both Cherry and him got out of it.

Mond walked to Cherry's side, and with a smile on his face said to her, "You've arrived, and your own car is in the building's parking lot. Someone will bring you the key in a short time."

"Alright, thank you, " said Cherry, while she nodded at him.

Mond started to look around, because he knew that Jackson had to be somewhere close by. He had already arranged for the coincidence, and he scouted the area around him to find his enemy.

Finally, Mond found the person that he was looking for. Jackson's face had turned gray, which met his expectations perfectly. How could Jackson stay indifferent when he saw his wife with another man?

Jackson looked into Mond's eyes and started to walk close to them. His eyes were burning bright with rage inside of them.

When she saw that Mond's eyes peered into the distance, Cherry felt a bit puzzled, and wondered, 'What is he staring at?'

Cherry tried to find the answer to her question by following Mond's gaze, but she was immediately stunned when she saw Jackson coming towards them.

"Jackson!" Cherry couldn't help but call out his name and step backwards.

Mond also noticed Cherry's reaction. She had quickly taken a few steps away from him, and he wondered, 'Is that because she cares about him? Does she keep her distance from me because of Jackson?'

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