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   Chapter 322 All Set (Part Three)

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Cherry tried her best to calm down, and as she looked at him, said, "Mond, although I don't know what exactly happened between the two of you, please don't target the JS Group, okay?"

"Why? Just because you tell me so? I can instantly fire you out of the JS Group, " said Mond. He thought how naive the woman in front of him could be to think that he could he give up his plan just because she wanted him to do so. In order to take his revenge on Jackson he had to put all of his heart and soul into ZM Group for years. His only goal had been to crush the JS Group and Jackson. How could he abandon all of his endeavors just because of her?

"No, it's not because of me. I just don't want to see Selina get hurt, " replied Cherry, while shaking her head. She wasn't thinking of herself, she was worried about Selina. Cherry had grown very fond of Selina, and she wanted to protect her, both as a friend, and as her sister-in-law.

"Selina?" asked Mond. He couldn't figure out in his mind why she wanted to protect her so badly. She was Derek's sister, and it was Derek's obligation to ask for mercy on her. Why did Cherry do this for her?

"Yes, I always see her as my little sister, and I don't want anyone to hurt her. If you're going to destroy the JS Group, then she'll get hurt, " answered Cherry while she was gazing at Mond.

Mond had never thought that Cherry would ever tell him something like this, but how could he just simply accept her advice?

"Cherry, you're on the verge of soon suffering yourself; how can you think that you're able to protect others when you can't even protect yourself? But don't worry, I'll make you live the perfect life I pla

Cherry felt a joy inside of her, because it meant that if he didn't sign the contract, Mond couldn't merge the JS Group anymore!

"How do you think that that could even be possible?" coldly replied Mond.

Cherry then fell back into silence again. 'Will he still stick to his plan?' she wondered. It seems that she had rejoiced too soon.

"What are you up to?" asked Cherry impatiently.

"You are going to find out what I'm up to soon enough, and..." Mond paused for a second, then continued, "I will walk you through the whole thing, so you'll never forget your feelings, and never need to ask others for the truth again!"

Cherry stared at Mond, not knowing what to say to him anymore. She couldn't follow him, and wondered what he really meant by saying that. It seemed that he was getting more and more mysterious to her with each encounter that she had with him.

Mond's phone rang, and he held the steering wheel with one hand, while he checked his phone with the other. He unlocked the screen and the corner of his lips slightly curled up.

There was a message on it, and it said, "All set!"

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