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   Chapter 321 All Set (Part Two)

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"That can't be the reason why she left the residential compound, because she could have been taken care of there, " said Cherry, after she pondered for a while.

"If she had stayed, she would have died, " answered Mond, staring at Cherry with a dead cold stare in his eyes.

Cherry was utterly shocked by his words, and she couldn't believe what he had just said. What on Earth had happened if Sally would've died because of it?

"Why? Why would she have died?" asked Cherry.

Mond didn't answer Cherry; he instead looked away, and said, "That's why Jackson, your husband, had done everything to save her, even if it had cost him destroying the entire Chu Family."

After she heard that, Cherry felt that her heart started to twitch with pain. She thought that he must have deeply loved her years ago, and that she had meant a lot to him. He was even willing to lose his entire Family for her. How deeply they loved each other, and how reckless he was! That was Jackson, doing things without ever thinking of the consequences that followed his actions!

Mond continued to say, "Do you know, Cherry, that Jackson had risked everything to protect Sally, even after Andrew threatened to disown him as his grandson and cut him out of his Family? You know that the Chu Family could have been completely destroyed if the army ever found out about the truth.

Cherry didn't hear a word out of what Mond said because she was overwhelmed by the pain inside her heart, and because she was lost in her thoughts about the things that happened between Jackson and Sally. How could Jackson ever dare to go against his Grandpa's orders. In her eyes, Andrew was the most honorable and respected person in the Family, and from how she saw, Jackson was very polite in front of him ever since she had gotten married into the Chu family. What h

but she wondered why was it so hard for her to do that?

What Cherry said irritated Mond. He soon got enraged again, and roared at her, "Then go and suffer along with Jackson! Maybe you can relieve him of half the pain that he deserves!"

He stood up as he said that, and after he looked down at Cherry, he continued to say, "I will make the JS Group disappear from this city, and Jackson will kneel before me and beg for my mercy!"

When she saw him, Cherry started to get frantic. She also stood up, and as she looked at Mond, she asked, "Please don't hurt Selina! Let the JS Group go!"

"Why? Although Selina isn't my target, she still is the acting president of the JS Group. Now that Jackson allowed her to run the JS Group for him, she will have to suffer together with him!" diabolically replied Mond as he stared at Cherry. He would make all of them pay for what he had gone through!

Cherry then realized that Jackson was Mond's only target, and that he had mistaken Jackson for the JS Group's owner, but she couldn't tell him the real facts. She didn't know Mond at all, and she couldn't risk telling anything to him because she was afraid that something bad would happen the moment after she did that.

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