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   Chapter 316 Talented Joe Wanted To Protect His Mom (Part Three)

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When he heard her tender request, Jackson had no choice but to reply to her with a simple nod.

After she saw Jackson leave, Cherry felt relieved and focused on her son again. Joe was everything for her, and she had to try her best to teach him well.

After some time, Joe finally stopped writing. He said to his mother, "Mommy, I've finished all of my homework."

Cherry then took his exercise book and checked on what he did. After she found that everything was okay, she said to Joe, "Okay, you can take a shower and go to sleep now."

"Yes, Mommy!" said Joe cheerfully. "You can go back to your room now, I can wash by myself."

"Don't you want me to stay with you while you fall asleep?" asked Cherry. She wondered why was Joe so obedient all of a sudden. She thought, 'Is it because Jackson came in the room earlier and that Joe knows that he's waiting for me?'

"No, you can go now, and from now on I can go to sleep all by myself! Don't worry, I'll go to bed right after I take my shower, " replied Joe.

Cherry nodded, happy that her son was becoming more and more independent. She then said, "Okay, goodnight! I'll wake you up tomorrow morning like usual."

Joe was very upset when he heard that he had to wake up tomorrow morning. He nodded, and said, "Alright, alright, Mommy, you can go now…"

Cherry then stood up and walked towards the door, but she couldn't help but turn around and take a couple of more glances at her son before she left his room.

After he saw his mom leave, Joe quickly ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower.

As soon as he crawled into the bed, he quickly took out his iPad, lo

and his mom, he still thought that he was a very complex character, and he was sure that he had hidden a lot of things from them, which also made him feel quite uneasy. He thought that his Great-Grandfather must also be a somebody too, and Joe thought to himself, 'Mommy knows so little about this family. She has always been simple and innocent, but now that Mommy and I live in this family now, I must try my best to protect her from any potential danger. In order to bring me up, Mommy lived a very hard life, and although we're now adequately fed and clothed, there are still some invisible dangers around us. I could spot from a mile away the panicked look in Mommy's eyes today, but she didn't tell me anything about it. I love her so much that I can't allow anyone to hurt her!'

Joe sorted out his own thoughts and eventually made up his mind. Because his mom didn't want to tell him anything, he decided that he would find a way to learn everything by himself, so that he could be able to protect his mom in his own way. He wanted to see Cherry happy every single day of her life.

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