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   Chapter 314 Talented Joe Wanted To Protect His Mom (Part One)

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After all the things she had gone through, Jean finally realized that the only goal she had pursued was to gratify her own vanity. It hadn't made any sense at all, and in the end she had gotten nothing out of it. However, she was desperately eager to have something that belonged to her. She only wanted somebody to love and care about her, to share weal and woe with her. She would feel very satisfied if she could find someone like that, and now there was only one man around her that she thought could be her Mr. Right: Mond. He was her last hope, and she had all hopes for him.

Mond looked at Jean with loggy eyes, and slowly lifted Jean's chin with his hand, as if he was praising her beauty.

"Why aren't you Cherry?" murmured Mond in a helpless manner.

Jean didn't hear clearly what Mond was talking about, and asked, "Pardon?"

"Why does Jackson have everything? Why am I treated so unfairly? Why?" After he said this, Mond shoved Jean away from him. He thought to himself, 'I don't need anyone around me! I've been alone for so many years, and I've dealt with so many troubles all by myself; I'm strong enough and I don't need anyone's help. What's more, who on Earth can even help me wholeheartedly?'

Jean thought that Mond was drunk and was just rambling in his speech, so she didn't care too much about his words; instead, she sat down next to him, and as she clung around his arm, said, "Mond, what happened between you and Jackson? Why do you hate him so much?"

Jean was very curious to find the answer to her question. She had been around Mond for so many years already, and knew very well how much Mond hated Jackson. His hatred towards him was even deeper than she thought it was. She knew about almost all the things that Mond had done to prepare himself to defeat Jackson, but she still didn't know what his motives were. She knew that Sally and Stephen wanted their revenge because of family feuds and enmities, but what about Mond?

Mond suddenly stared at Jean with a terrifying look in his eyes.

Jean then suddenly felt frightened and regretted her inquiry. She shouldn't have asked him that question, because she knew exactly what he was capable of when he was furious. She was looking for trouble.


that his mom didn't want to tell him what was bothering her because she regarded him as a child, and thought that he couldn't understand adult concerns.

"Mommy, you can tell me anything, no matter what; I've already told you that before, remember? Although I can't help you to deal with things, I can help you with some good ideas that might help; I'm quick-witted, " said Joe seriously, as he looked at his mom's face. He knew very well that his mom wasn't happy at all ever since they had moved in with his father, and he felt very distressed when he saw that his mother was becoming more and more taciturn by each passing day. He wanted very much that Cherry could be happy every day, but he was still a child, and he wasn't able to take good care of her yet; instead, she was the one that had to look after him.

Cherry thought for a while, but eventually decided not to tell her son about what had happened, and told him something else instead. "Joe, Mommy has a secret to tell you."

"Really? What?" asked Joe curiously.

"I think that your Auntie Selina will be your Uncle's girlfriend soon, " said Cherry.

"My Uncle's girlfriend?" Joe's eyes were as big as saucers after he heard the fresh news. He stared at his mom surprised, and asked, "Do you mean that my Uncle Wilson will marry Auntie Selina soon?"

"It won't happen that fast, but…your Uncle has invited Selina to dinner tonight, " said Cherry, with a smile on her face.

"I want to go there too!" suddenly said Joe.

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