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   Chapter 312 Changing For You (Part Two)

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"Well, thank you so much, for saving me, " embarrassedly said Cherry. She then thought, 'I'm not acquainted with Mond at all, how could I stay in his arms? How could we act so intimately? I'm Jackson's wife. I need to behave with my self-discipline.'

"Never mind. As long as you're okay, it's fine, " said Mond.

Cherry thought for some time, and then asked, "Have you been waiting for me for a long time? Did you find out that I was trapped in the elevator because I never showed up to meet with you? That's why you came here and saved me, right?"

Cherry thought in her mind that this was what had happened. Mond had asked her to come there and meet with him in an hour. Since she hadn't shown up in the given time limit, he had went out to look for her.

But Mond didn't answer her.

At that moment, one of the maintenance personnel came out with Cherry's phone and her bag in his hand. He then looked at her, and asked, "Miss, are these your belongings?"

Cherry then walked towards him and took her bag and phone. She said, "Yes, they are. Thanks a lot!"

"It's alright. Do you live here? The elevator won't be running until later this evening, so you'll have to take the stairs now or come back tonight, " said the maintenance man.

Cherry nodded, and said, "Okay."

After she saw that the maintenance personnel walked into the building, Cherry said to Mond, "What should we do? We can't go upstairs now."

Mond looked at Cherry, and calmly said, "You'd better go back and rest; I'll call you some other time."

After she heard him, Cherry firmly shook her head. She tried to be brave, and said, "I'm fine, don't worry about me."

In Mond's view, Cherry flaunted her superiority because of her love to Jackson.

did, she also checked her clothes. When she was finally assured that nobody could tell from her face and clothes that something had happened to her, she walked out of the office.

She entered Selina's office and saw that she was browsing through some documents. Cherry called her tenderly, "Selina!"

Selina then looked up at Cherry, and with a smile on her lips said, "Cherry, you're back!"

"Yes. Caroline said that you looked for me earlier in the morning, but I wasn't here. What's the matter?"

Selina stood up from her desk, and as she approached her, said, "It wasn't anything important, I just wanted to ask you some questions about a document. Jackson was worried sick about you, by the way. He called me to look for you, because you weren't answering your phone. Anyway, he eventually calmed down after I told him that you were out to meet with one of our customers."

"He called you to look for me?" asked Cherry with surprise. She hadn't expected that Jackson would call someone else to look for her. Was he worried about her that much?

Selina nodded, and said, "Yes. Oh, call him back; he asked me to tell that when you were back."

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