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   Chapter 311 Changing For You (Part One)

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Half an hour passed, but Mond was still driving around with his mind in chaos.

He suddenly slammed the brakes and stopped his car at the roadside. He grasped the steering wheel with both hands and kept panting; his mind was in a whirl, and he obviously wanted to kill that woman, but why did he feel so uneasy because of it now? He had been worried about her ever since she had gotten trapped, and was afraid that she would die in the elevator. But her death was the best way to take his revenge on Jackson. If he wanted to, he would gradually rob or ruin everything that Jackson had, starting with the people around him. Over the years, he hadn't gotten anything, and he couldn't understand one thing: how could Jackson acquire so much? That woman was Jackson's only weakness, and he would be severely affected if he killed her, something which was ideal for his future moves against him.

However, Mond couldn't control his thoughts at all, and his mind was filled with the memories of their first encounter at Stephen's office, his mercy to her when he wanted to hit and kill her with his car, and also her horror and disappointment at the party from last evening. All of these memories clearly appeared in his mind.

Eventually, Mond revved the engine and took a sharp turn in a rash moment of thought. He drove his car back from where he left.

Mond stopped his car at the gates of the D building. After he got out of it, he ran straight into the building.

Mond did't know what he should do when he hit the button and the elevator had no response. With a sudden flash of inspiration, he hastily ran to the basement and took out his phone to call for help.

When he reached where Cherry was, Mond saw only the tightly closed elevator door. He kept rapping on it, and shouted, "Cherry! Cherry!"

Cherry, dizzy in the elevator from the lack of oxygen, vaguely he

maintenance personnel, Cherry finally started to recover when she felt the sun rays on her eyes. She rubbed them and slowly opened them, and then saw her surroundings. She was in the place where she had just arrived earlier.

Cherry tried to compose herself and slowly regained her full consciousness.

When the maintenance personnel saw that Cherry was able to stand on her own, he released her arms and went back into the building.

After he walked out of the building, Mond patted his clothes and saw Cherry standing there and looking at him. He didn't know what to say to her at that moment.

When Cherry saw clearly that it was indeed Mond, she cried out, "Mond!"

Mond got closer to Cherry and looked at her pale expression. He asked, "Are you okay?"

Cherry tried to smile and nodded. She then said, "I'm fine."

Just after she finished her words, a dizziness suddenly overcame her, and she lost her balance and was about to fall off of her feet.

When he saw her swaying, Mond immediately grabbed Cherry's arm and pulled her to his chest.

Cherry then found herself in Mond's arms. After she recovered from her dizziness, she pushed Mond away and kept a certain distance from him.

Mond was stunned by Cherry's reaction.

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